Ink pot? NE Mississippi Chickasaw


Feb 1, 2014
NE Mississippi
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This was found in a creek in northeast Mississippi, in Columbus, which is near the Alabama line. I was told that it was probably a Native American ink pot, but it was not an expert that identified it. I've spent some time on the Internet trying to find a photo of something similar and I've struck out. The Chickasaws were the Native Americans that lived in this area.

Can anyone tell me what this is, and does it look like it has been broken or eroded or would this be the original intended shape? Thanks in advance.

Four photos are attached if I did it right!

photo 4.jpgphoto 5.jpgphoto 6.jpgphoto 7.jpg

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Photos upside down & all around! Sorry. Had no idea it would upload like that. Watch the neck strain!

It's interesting but to me it looks like sandstone and it looks natural.

Idk but I would of picked it up ;)!!!!!

It looks like a natural sandstone formation there may have been roots or something it settled around and solidified in that shape.. Now the wood has long rotted away.

Yeah interesting shape for sure but it is a natural concentration.

Ha.. Maybe it came from the cEment pond.
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