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Sep 23, 2015
Northern IL
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I took my four year old son out to the woods for a couple hours to do some metal detecting. It was quiet at first until If found a 1919 s wheatie in great shape with very little oxidation. A few feet away I found the bridle rosette. Shortly thereafter I found the trade token. I did some research on it. Apparently the token dates to the 1920s. Unfortunately the address on the token is now a parking lot.
Right next to the token was a broken spoon that was heavily silver plated. I gave this to my son so it didn't end up in the picture. Nearby I found the nameplate which I think may have been attached to a piece of farm equipment or something.
When I reached the name tag I found out the name was the farm owner during the early 1900s. He was one of the leaders of the first farm bureau in my county and owned a couple businesses. I was also able to find his obituary and discovered he was killed by a freight train in 1938 when his car got stuck on the tracks.
This was one of my best hunts in a long time. My son had fun as well with a nice pile of pottery fragments and deer bones.


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