Jul 10, 2024
On July 10th while at clearwater beach (Exact location in photo) I lost my iPhone and was hoping that someone who lives in the area or is planning on being in the area could try and check to see if the phone is maybe somewhere in the sand. I'm almost certain that the phone was stolen from out of my bag but it's possible I may have just accidently thrown it just out of the bag and not noticed or carried it into the water accidently. I'm not too sure if it would also be possible to check if the phone was accidently dropped somewhere in the water close to the shore but I also added a photo of the area I swam in just in case. The phone is a Silver iPhone 15 pro with a clear otter box case with black detailing and a cracked screen protector. If anyone is in the area and could take a quick look I would absolutely appreciate it and if anyone finds it, please feel free to message me or respond or just call the number that shows up when the phone is plugged in and turned on.


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You might be able to find it yourself, if it is still powered on. And if it was stolen, you can lock it. Apple instructions here.

The find your phone app should tell you if it's still in that area, or, if someone picked it up, it would show a new location. If it's still there, you might check with TheRingFinders.com to see if a member in your area can conduct a search for it. Good Luck!

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