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Nov 17, 2013
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TexasRelics.jpgI am thinking of purchasing this Civil War Texas buckle for my husband. Can anyone tell me if it looks to be real. Also, how much would something like this be worth?

Thank you!

I don't know but some one on here does, but they may have to see the back of it too.

That is a Great Piece...I would def wait to hear from someone on here thou...Seems to be popular on the Repros!..ive seen Repros for 30 bucks or so

Doesn't look good to me, but we need to see the back. The star seems to have more relief than the originals and it looks too small. An original is worth in the several thousands of dollars range or more so if it is offered for less than a grand watch out!!

Everything mentioned above is great advice!

With Texas Civil War Plates, Buttons, and Hat Pins, it is much safer to assume EVERYTHING is fake.

For example, If you saw how many dealers/shops/online stores have an "authentic" Texas belt plate listed as being "from a soldier in Hood's Brigade"... You'd quickly realize that Hood must have commanded 500,000 soldiers, each one wearing 6 belts! Haha!!

And if it's a reproduction, don't pay more than a $20 bill!

The 1850 pattern (such as this one) is the most widely reproduced of the TX plates. I'm guessing it's because when people want a CW belt plate they think of an oval buckle marked with either a "US" or "CS"... This plate bearing the closest similarity.

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Thank you all so much for your help. I asked the dealer for a picture of the back and he never got back to me. Also, it is only $300, so I guess that answers my question! I am assuming it is fake and I won't be wasting my money.

Stay Away !!!! Dont touch it !

Becareful. Last weekend I met a guy metal detecting that wanted to show me and my friend his shop. He had CSA repro's he was making out of sterling silver and selling them. I warned of the dangers of ebay on my friend who spent 25 bucks on civil war bullets from Gettysburg that are fake and newly made. The guy making repro buckles and selling them really irritated me because people will spend the money on a fake. Try to get more information on it if you can. Either way I am sure he will love it! Nice badchihuahua :) Welcome to Tnet!

You can email--- [email protected]. He runs Fort Tumbleweed out of Liberty Hill near Austin. He should be able to help you. He has a website too and sells authentic old west/civil war/historical everything. His place is amazing...

Do you happen to know offhand, what his website is called?

Do you happen to know offhand, what his website is called? Thanks... Baggins

I'm familiar with this site/dealer:

Figured I'd post the link since I was already here reading the thread.

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you'll see his sale listings by theme.

I have a house a few minutes north of Liberty Hill.
I've never done any business with them, but I have heard his name mentioned in the Texana artifact/relic community a time or two.

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This post has taken an interesting turn. The person you guys are talking about, Len Kubiak, is the one trying to sell this buckle to me. He will not send me a picture of the back. Is it even possible to buy a buckle like this for $300.00? I asked him if it was guaranteed authentic, but he just told me I could return it if I didn't like it. Thanks again for your help!

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No ma'am, an AUTHENTIC Texas belt plate would start at drastically more!!!

You could get an authentic federal belt plate for $300... But something tells me If you were wanting a Tx one, your probably NOT wanting a Yankee plate haha.

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