Just got my new Garrett 250!


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Jul 8, 2012
Tacoma, Washinton
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Garrett 250
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All Treasure Hunting
Went to park and took my new lucky charm: My Wife! She found a 1981 D Nickel and I found pulltabs, nails, and foil... I know it's just a clad, but at least it's a start! We ended up switching to a different park because of a drunk giving us the evil eye from a distance... We didn't find anything after that.


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Swing low swing slow and turn down the sensitivity if its pinging and dinging alot....try to did the signals that repeat and dont skip around and you will be on track

So I swung the MD around a little bit during my lunch break. I went to a tot lot nearby and I was quite surprised to find five huge grub worms. Is this normal? I also went MDing with the Mrs again tonight. We went to an abandoned volleyball court that is over grown with grass. I'm glad she is so supportive with this new hobby. We found a memorial, some scrap metal, and some funny looking grey pieces of metal that once were something bigger I'll clean them up and post pictures to see if anyone has any clue on what it is.

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