Last 2 Weeks Half Boxes - Good Volume, Mediocre Results...


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Apr 22, 2011
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Last 2 Week's Half Boxes - Good Volume, Mediocre Results...

Did some pretty good volume over the last couple weeks, but the boxes have been pretty weak producers. I have learned that you just have to keep at it - the good boxes often come when you least expect them, often when I have felt like giving up or cutting back my volume.

Anyway, here's what I found the last 2 weeks:

Last Week:

5 Total Boxes - 2 skunks and other 3 produced 5 40s.

This Week:

Box1- 66,67x3
Box2- skunk
Box3- skunk
Box4- 67,68,69
Box5- skunk
Box6- 66,68
Box7- skunk
Box8- skunk
Box9- 68x2
Box10- skunk
Box11- skunk
Box12- 67x3,68

No 90s the last 2 weeks. They have been pretty to tough to come by lately in my boxes. I found 1 lone Walker the week before last. It was the only silver I found that week out of 6 boxes! Looks like I am due for another 88-silver box.

HH Folks - Keep at it; it's still out there!


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Aug 3, 2011
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Just goes to show even if there is a lot of skunks if you do a lot. You will stil find pretty good silver!! And it adds up fast. Great job!!

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