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Dec 8, 2015
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Hi All,
First time poster! I have recently started collecting (ok, hoarding) antique bottles. Last week my boyfriend went to an estate sale to a household that had THOUSANDS of bottles. Lucky for him (unlucky for me) I wasn't feeling well and I had to sit that sale out. Anyways..... he bought around 25 bottles, some very common and some I am not able to find information about!
I figured I would start with this Hires bottle.
I know hires is very common bottle to come across but I cannot find anything on this particular one.

Does anyone have any ideas on the age of this?? The bottle an aqua color and is rounded towards the bottom. It's say Hires trade mark registered (embossed writing). I will try to attach a photo but I seem to be having newbie issues!


Thanks so much.


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That bottle looks much older than the ones I emptied during my misspent youth. Hires is now hard to find here. Good luck in your quest.

ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1449633290.969587.jpg. I find these often.

Thank you very much, Don! I will shoot him a message!

Thanks everyone for the input! I am sure I will be posting more within the next few weeks. :icon_thumleft:

Welcome to the forum and nice score on that bottle.

Agree with "e" on this one. Around 1920, could be a little earlier or later

yes I dug one just like that one in a 1910s era spot , so that style go back at lest to 1910s.

I only have a minute and will be back later with more, but based on what I know about those tin-pin bottles they date as early as the late 1890s. If they have a town name on them they are in high demand. If they have Coca Cola embossed on the heel they are worth big bucks.

I'll be back!

Man-o-man, where do I begin?

1st: I have seen descriptions for the Hires tenpin bottles that date them between the late 1800s and early 1900s.

2nd: Because they are not date marked it is difficult to narrow down the dates they were made.

3rd: The general consensus dates them to circa 1915.

4th: Regardless of the date(s), they are generally in high demand.

5th: I say "generally" because its the examples with Coca Cola embossed on them that command the highest values.

6th: As for the examples without Coca Cola or a town/state embossed on them, I'm not sure of their value.

7th: I believe that even an unmarked example in excellent condition would definitely capture collector interest.

8th: Whether marked or not, examples of these bottles are generally considered hard to find and/or rare.

You gotta check this one out! Marked with Coco Cola and sold in 2013 for $2,000.00 - With awesome pictures and detailed description.



1. Aqua ~ Lynchburg, Virginia ~ Coco Cola ~ Sold eBay 2013 for $2,000.00
2. Amber ~ Peoria, Illinois~ Coca Cola ~ Sold eBay 2013 for $2,200.00
3. Aqua ~ Danville, Virginia ~ Damaged lip ~ Coca Cola script ~ Sold for $809.00
4. Haskell Coffin cardboard sign ~ Exact date unknown but described as circa 1915
5. Home brew cork wires ~ Exact date unknown but described as early 1900s

Hires Ten Pin Bottle Coca Cola eBay Sept 2013 $2000.jpg

Hires Ten Pin Bottle Amber $2,200.00.jpg

Hires Ten Pin Coca Cola Bottle Danville Va $809 Damaged.jpg

Hires Ten Pin Sign circa 1915.jpg

Hires Ten Pin cork fasteners sign circa early 1900s (434x500).jpg

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Firstly, thank you SO much for taking the time to reply and research that for me!
I am just starting out with my bottle collecting and I think my favorite part is learning from others. I collect advertising tins/boxes/bottles as well. As soon as I get home with a new find I have to know where and when it came from. I am very glad I found this website.
Sadly it is unmarked other than the "hires trade mark registered". Besides a small chip in the "e" on hires the bottle is in mint condition. I had a feeling it was early 1900's because it is has many of what I call in my most technical term "awesome air bubbles."
The listing of the hires/coca cola combo you linked was amazing, I did not know those even existed!
I don't know where to start but I am going to get this bottle checked out for sure!

Thank you again Bob (I'm assuming that's your first name :laughing7:) and to all for your input!
I will keep you posted on this!

Sorry Just saw your last post! It is in excellent condition besides the chip I mentioned.
Thanks again :)

Your Welcome

By the way ...

The Crown closure was invented by William Painter in 1892. As far as I know Hires Root Beer was the first national brand to use it in 1897

(The earliest known Crown closure by any brand is a Murdock & Freeman from Portland, Maine and dated 1895)

1. William Painter 1892 patent
2. Earliest ad I have found showing a Hires bottle with a Crown Closure - Dated 1897
3. Best match I can find for the bottle pictured in the 1897 ad

Crown Top Patent Image (504x800).jpg

Hires Ad 1897 Harpers Weekly.jpg

Hires Root Beer Bottle eBay June 2014 Sold $152.00.jpg

That is interesting and good to know!
The man's collection this came from was in New Hampshire and mainly all of them were local (New Hampshire, Maine, Mass).
Seems like this unmarked bottle will be nearly impossible to find out the exact specifics I am sure!
Thanks again for your input. I think I know who to go to if I run into any more soda bottles :notworthy:

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