Lost Rocker Mine, AK


Aug 4, 2021
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I'm interested in tracking down where the lost rocker mine in Alaska may be. Let's say it's a personal challenge for myself. Does anyone here have opinions/claims/evidence about where it may be? Anyone know someone on the ground looking for the mine?


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Mar 1, 2015
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Hola tfindergal

This might be of some interest. In San Francisco Call, Volume 77, Number 70, 18 February 1895 newspaper told the following.





TACOMA, Feb. 17.—If all indications are not at fault the famous Lost Rocker mine of Alaska has been found.

Y. E. Carpenter, editor of the Juneau News, who came down by the the last steamer, tells a most interesting story of the discovery, loss and rediscovery of the wonderful mineral treasure. He says Dr. William Mulcahy of Juneau, who has been one of the must persistant searchers for the lost location, feels confident that he has at last been successful in his search. In the spring he will go into the country where the mine is located, and is willing to stake his life that he will return with a horde of yellow nuggets.

To mining men all along the coast the story of the Lost Rocker mine is familiar. About twelve years ago two prospectors, in journeying, through the region back of Wrangel, came upon a beautiful little lake, around which were all indications of gold. They camped and proceeded to prospect along the shores. On a bar at the northern end they at length found the shining metal, and found it in such profusion as was never before seen in Alaska. The season was near its close, there were but a few hours of daylight during each twentyfour hours and the men were short of provisions, hence they worked with feverish haste to secure a large stake. Within two days they had taken out $50,000.

Then disaster fell upon them. While bending over his rocker one day hostile Indians crept up behind one of the prospectors and shot him. He fell forward into the water, carrying the rocker with him.

The other prospector, who had gone hunting, was returning when the tragedy occurred and witnessed it from the shelter of a clump of trees. As the Indians began to rifle the tent in search of the miner's store of golden nuggets he attempted to make his escape. He was discovered and wounded in the fusillade that began as soon as he was seen. Nevertheless he escaped, and after weeks of hardships and suffering managed to reach Wrangel!. In proof of his story he produced a belt full of nuggets that had been taken from the mine. Hardly had he reached the camp at Wrangel, however, when he became delirious from the effects of his wounds. The miners, among them Dr. Mulcahy, tenderly cared for him. He was never able to give an accurate description of the lake where the great treasure was located, but he raved about it constantly during his delirium. At length he died, carrying the secret of the mine's location with him.

Dr. Mulcahy has just retured from Wrangel, where he spent the summer working on the great secret. He gained much information from a now aged Indian chief, who claimed to know something of the lake. He was willing to furnish the information for a certain number of blankets, which were to be forfeited in case the prospectors should fail to find the mine.

The offer was accepted by Dr. Mulcahy and a friend, and they started two prospectors on the quest. After diligent searching in almost every direction around Wrangel for six weeks the party returned without having made the discovery. The Indian chief was then requested to deliver up the blankets given him, which he promptly did, but afterward insisted upon another and more thorough search. Dr. Mulcahy, still being confident that the lost lode could be found, once more started the prospectors out. They were gone about two months, during which time they had to endure many hardships, but when the grubstake had almost given out and they were about to return home they

came upon a beautiful sheet of water which answered to the description of the Lost Rocker. The surroundings of the lake were closely scrutinized, but their provisions were gone and they had no time to prospect. They came back and told of their discovery. From the peculiar characteristics of a certain spot near the lake, which Dr. Mulcahy declines to reveal, he is confident that the newly discovered body of water is the veritable lake which many an Alaskan has longed to find. Whether or not the glittering nuggets of the legend are there remains to be disclosed.

As soon as spring opens the party will return to the lake and prospect the stream which enters it.


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