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May 16, 2010
Several years ago, in Mexico, I bought one day in Tehuacan a BK Whopper, and thought it was absolutely delicious. I have never been one to eat fast food, but that whopper was excellent. Being low carb, I buy the whole thing and toss the bun.

Out of curiosity I tried various hamburgers. McD; Wattaburger in Texas, etc. Still, the whopper tops them all, which is of course totally a personal preference.

I go to Tehuacan once or twice a month. About six months, a new employee started. Usually they last only a short time She is there after all this time. Alas, so far she has never successfully completed an order as specified. She has a sweet personality, but slightly dumber than a bucket of rocks.

One day a neighbor was with me, and she messed the order so badly I went out to the car and ate a can of sardines.

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Feb 24, 2017
Georgetown, SC
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The BK here in Georgetown, SC is staffed by surly people who seem surprised that you expect to get what you ordered in a timely fashion. One half hour doesn't seem like fast food, but if you get it in that time, it's only because they made a mistake.

They also have a full time resident homeless guy, who is always there, his heaping shopping cart just outside...he's inside, keeping a large space around him clear of customers.

Glad you like their food.

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Dec 19, 2003
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Yea I Like their Straight Burgers With Just Ketchup on them. I Can do without all The crap that hides the Taste :coffee2:

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