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Oct 28, 2012
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Whites 6000 di Pro - Fisher CZ5 - Garrett AT pro - Whites M6 - Garrett Sea Hunter MK ll - Garrett pro pointer
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Metal Detecting
I recently got a good deal from Bart on a Garrett sea hunter mk2 with standard coil and the 10x14. I also purchased a RTG 6" travel scoop, this scoop is super heavy duty, and breaks down for easy transport. I tested the sea hunter at the Jersey shore in about knee deep water, of course I hunted the wet sand and the dry as well. I pretty much ended up with clad and pull tabs and of course bottle caps, yes even a few bobby pins. So this time out no silver or gold, maybe I gotta get to a more crowded beach. The next toy I have my sights on is a Tesoro Vaquero with the new RSD wide scan DD coil. Bart is selling the Vaquero with the standard 9x8 concentric or you can order it with the new 11x8 RSD. As of now Bart doesn't have them in stock, he said check back next week and he should have them in. He's waiting on a shipment. So if you're looking for this combo hit Bart up, I couldn't find anyone else offering this, and I'd rather get it from Bart if possible, because delivery is fast, and always exactly what I ordered. I've been playing with the sea hunter in my test garden and can hit 10" dimes with ease, my other detectors can only hit dimes at 7.5" in my mineralized soil. So if I decide to take the sea hunter land hunting I know I will dig iron and trash but if I pass over a deep silver coin I'll get it no problem, maybe it's worth an hour or two just to see how it does.
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Sep 9, 2009
Fort Worth,Texas
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CTX 3030 / AT PRO / Etrac w/ NEL
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All Treasure Hunting
Bart is has always done me right...Pretty much the only person I will buy from anymore

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