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Dec 19, 2003
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How To Torture Telemarketers With One Word​

they can doctor a donation with his phone call.
the other day I signed up for an Electric Supplier.
in order to Finalize they insisted I Answer Each Question with Yes.
Every time I Forgot myself and said Yep, Sure or commented, they kept
repeating the same Question till I answered yes.
now he did say yea so he may be safe but Personally these days I've changed to
saying Huh ? Ello ? Wha ? like I'm either Retarded or Have a Mouth Full of Food
and just keep doing it till they hang up.

Actually for the Last few days I Haven't even Answered my Phone if I Don't know the number, but when in the mood to pest :coffee2:be careful of those yes's:coffee2:

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