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Apr 13, 2020
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Hey all, hitting an old homesite from the 1700’s tomorrow. There’s lots of trash there so I’m pretty much going to try and cherry pick the site since it may be the last time I can get there before it grows up for the summer. I haven’t dug anything pewter yet with my nox, and I definitely don’t want to reject the vdi for that particular metal. Does anyone happen to know roughly what a pewter button will ring as on the nox? This isn’t my first post by the way, I had to create a new account because I couldn’t log into my old one on my computer.


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Mar 16, 2011
San Diego
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All Treasure Hunting
It will depend on the size of the button and how corroded it is. Could be from the mid single digits to the low 20's. If you don't want to miss anything good (including silver and old coppers) you're going to have to dig a whole variety of targets. If it's a place you will be able to return and hunt again, I'd start with the high conductors and work my way down to the low ones, unless you want to only focus on small buttons.

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