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Jul 22, 2021
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Radio Hamburg is actually a public commercial radio internet station established in the late 1980s, first to play only the popular hits of the day. Today it plays popular hits from both the past and present, on medium rotation. Their motto is "mehr Vielfalt" (Hello, Hello). In addition to this, their services also includes reports on traffic, news and weather that follow every hour. Their programming also includes discussions on issues that are of import to the people of Hamburg, with the aim of enlightening the residents as well as the visitors to share their views and experiences with the rest of the world.

As far as radio entertainment in Hamburg is concerned, the most popular programs include news reports, talk shows, concerts, music videos, TV programs, radio shows, music videos, sport reports and children's music. A favorite music hour is set to run each Sunday at 1 PM, in addition to other music hours throughout the week. For the most part the focus of these programs is on local music. On Christmas day, for instance, they offer a special Christmas song marathon, beginning at 6 PM and running until midnight. On New Year's Day, Hamburg's radio stations broadcast a special children's song marathon beginning at 6 PM and running until midnight.

Radio Hamburg has a total audience of some 2.7 million people. Many of these people listen to the station through an FM transmitter that is transmitted from another part of the city or through an online feed. Today, the majority of citizens have access to the Internet through either a computer or a mobile phone, making the possibility of tuning into the station through the web significantly greater today than it was a decade ago. The station now also broadcasts content via satellite TV channels and also through audio products. All of these options have made the membership process relatively simple.
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