Ring finders club any members here


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Sep 24, 2013
Scituate, RI
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I'm not a member of Ringfinders, but I will share some advice. Don't let people take advantage of you. Always tell them you charge a small fee, whether you find the item or not. No one should spend hours searching for someone's item and not receive something for their time and effort. Way too many people have money to burn, but are too cheap to tip anyone for their services. And that's what it is, a service.

Here's my worst experience looking for a ring. Guy placed an ad on Craigslist and offered $20 if someone could help find his girlfriend's ring that she lost in a parking lot. Guy's girlfriend was drunk, stumbled in the bar's parking lot and lost her ring in six inches of snow. I showed up with the guy at 7 AM in 20 degree weather. They had plowed the lot, so I ended up detecting the piles of snow for an hour. Couldn't find it, so the guy said try again tomorrow and I'll pay you the $20, plus another $20, even if you don't find it. I reluctantly agreed to come back the next morning, we shook hands and left. The guy calls me up later that night and says his girlfriend found it under their bed, so he won't be needing my services after all. I got paid jack squat, froze my butt off and left with a sour taste in my mouth.

Bottom line, it's good to nice, but don't let people take advantage of you. Just my take on it...


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Jan 27, 2015
Morris County, NJ
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Quick update for the thread: after joining 2 days ago I got two (2) calls yesterday. One was down by the beach (which I'm not near), so I referred the person to someone closer and that RingFinder met up with the person but unfortunately could not find their missing ring.
The second call I got was yesterday afternoon: a boat owner had a leaking aluminum fuel tank under a plywood deck and wondered if a metal detector could detect the outline of the tank so he could cut the deck precisely to allow access to the tank (but not cut the supporting struts).
I responded to that call and drove to his house last evening (he was 20 min away) and using a Garret ProPointer I was able to locate the outline of the tank with very high confidence/precision. It took 5 minutes. The guy handed me $50 and I didn't turn it down.

This should be interesting....

- Brian

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