Searching for other MDs in North Florida


Mar 23, 2013
Lake City florida
Detector(s) used
Whites coinmaster, garrett pro pointer
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Searching for other MD's in North Florida



I'm Jim.

I am a newby. I live just north of Branford Florida and just south of Lake City Florida.

I am looking for other who share my interest in Metal Detecting. whether its a group or individuals I am usually up for a good hunt when I am not at work.

I love history and researching the past. (If you have any suggestions or web links please post them!). I am interested in learning from some of you salty veterans.

So, don't just sit there reading this post! Drop me a line!

(May all the holes you dig be filled with treasure!):notworthy:

Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania!
You might consider browsing Sub-Forums: Florida for information (i.e., clubs, hunts, finds, legends, maps, etc.) directly related to your state.

Thanks for being so welcoming.

"May all your holes be filled with treasures!"

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