SILVER Found where I had found a 1877-CC Seated Dime on 4/30/2017


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Dec 4, 2011
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I found this SILVER 1942 Mercury dime (the year I was born) almost 3 years to the day that I had found a 1877-CC Seated dime at an old one room School that was torn down decades ago - and where a NEW Baptist Church now stands. I found it close to a very old Live Oak Tree where the old school used to stand. I was using my SIMPLEX+ that I had just updated to the 2.76 version that came out last Friday with improved depth that now included a Park #1 and Park #2 mode (10 different USB upgrades were added). So I walked to the site were I had found the seated dime and within 2 feet of that, found the "Merc". It was a very solid signal on the Park #1 and deep, 7 to 8 inches - AND I didn't scratch this one:icon_thumleft:.

Here is a picture and I also added the picture of the 1877-CC dime - I guess HISTORY repeats itself, but I was hoping for at least a BARBER dime. Thanks for looking HH & GOOD LUCK everyone...........BILL

P1010234.jpg P1010233.jpg P1010230.jpg

P1010009.jpg P1010007 (3).jpg
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Oct 5, 2014
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Nice silver finds, congrats! :occasion14:

I bought a Simplex, just for fun to have a "always in car" detector and updated it on Monday. I must say it's a very good machine for $ 300 dollars. I have put about 60 hours on the machine and have found a lot of keepers in the farm fields. IMHO: My only criticism is the Pin Point button should be ON/OFF not hold and Park and Field modes should have an option to select the tones (2, 3, 4, 5 or 50+). :icon_thumleft:
Perhaps they could be incorporated in the next update, since its just a software modification. :dontknow:


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Apr 19, 2016
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super nice on the both. Nice going wlb42.


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Dec 20, 2015
Ann Arbor
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Those are 2 nice coins there a one room school house and now a Church that sounds like a fun place to hunt Well done stay safe also Tommy

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