1. 🙋 WANTED Tesoro Large Carry Bag - Brown

    Looking for a replacement bag for my Tesoro detector. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Ship to 48036. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1862296[/ATTACH
  2. ❎ SOLD Tesoro 4-inch search coil "Epsilon" 5-pin style

    I am seeking a Tesoro 5-pin ("Epsilon"-style) 4-inch round concentric search coil, with the 3-foot cord. You see the listing for it (Part #4RC-SW-E) here on the Tesoro Web site: https://www.tesoro.com/product/coils/epsiloncoils.html Since Tesoro has gone out of business, it's no longer possible...
  3. Selling designs of leading edge detector tech

    Howdy! :) This is probably a long shot but thought to at least give it a try. I've designed a metal detector that significantly outperforms anything on the market, and initially I had intended to merely use it for myself for a year or two and then sell the designs, but I would consider selling...
  4. Is Tesoro out of business???

    Guys I sent in my sand shark in 6 months ago, not a peep from them. I’ve called and left a message every month, no call back! They have my detector I DONT THINK ILL BE SEEING IT AGAIN! Anyone hear anything else about Tesoro? I might be out a 400.00 dollar detector 😔
  5. Tesoro faceplate decals

    Does anyone have a faceplate image file, jpg, or anything for any Tesoro detector? I can make one but thought one of you guys might have one on file. I have a GB modded cibola that I need to relabel. Any small box tesoro would be a great start. If someone has the image file, please post it up...
  6. WTB Detech Ultimate 13" for 4pin Tesoro

    Looking for Ultimate 13" for delta Tesoro. Thanks!
  7. My first Barber dime and oldest find yet! Video included!

    This is my first metal detecting video, it starts with a review of a great finds pouch sold in the classifieds section here on tnet, the rest is some video of a really neat old park with tons of history, and finally a barber dime pops out of the ground to mark my oldest find yet! Check it out...
  8. ❎ SOLD WTB Tesoro 11x8 widescan coil (epsilon)

    Looking for an 11x8 widescan coil for 5pin (epsilon) Tesoro. Thanks
  9. Just won a Tesoro H.O.T 3”x18” cleansweep coil on Ebay!!!

    And boy did I have to pay for it :BangHead: Gonna pair it up with my soon to be modded Cibola and go cherry pickin. :headbang: So who else was bidding on it? Lol :occasion14:
  10. Tesoro detectors... coil selections? Which one!

    I'm fairly new to metal detecting, and this is the first forum I've joined , as well as the first post I've written so bare with my ridiculous questions/ramblings I am about to bring forth. :BangHead: I have a new to me Tesoro Conquistador Umax with manual ground balance as well as a new to me...
  11. Couple Mods to my Vaquero in progress

    Just sent mine out for a couple 1- tone mod 2- coin mod when toggle is flipped will let you know if coins or silver. 3- all disk mode toggle should be pretty cool. If they work well will make sure to let everyone know about this guy...Stay tuned ..
  12. Tesoro Rocks!

    I just had my Cutlass Micromax II and Bandido Micromax II serviced at Tesoro! The turn around time was super fast and Rusty and Nathan provided excellent customer service. Tesoro for life! Thanks guys! :headbang:
  13. Tesoro Outlaw Depth Problems

    Hey guys I have a Tesoro Outlaw which I bought used that has an issue with its depth. During air tests it will sometimes pick up a penny at around six to 7 inches and then it would have trouble picking it up at 2 inches! Now it seems when I turn the machine on it can't pick up penny sized...
  14. 🙋 WANTED 10" Coil For Tesoro Plranha Detector

    Looking for either an 8 or 10" coil for my Tesoro Plranha. Looking for one that is in nice condition w-cover and connector. Thanks for looking - bottlebum
  15. Tesoro Vaquero Ground Balance issue

    I recently purchased a Tesoro Vaquero I'm having trouble with the GB. I took it out for the first time today, but I can't get it to ground balance. I've read through the manual and I'm following every instruction. The ground I'm balancing on is free of metal. Regardless of where I turn the GB...
  16. tesoro stingray2 settings

    I have a tesoro stingray 2 and am trying to learn the settings. Inside are three knobs but they aren't listed which one is which. Can anyone help me please?
  17. 🙋 WANTED Tesoro Cleansweep 3x18. Delta 4-pin

    Looking for a proper working cleansweep coil. 4 pin for Vaquero. Can pay via Paypal or will trade for a complete Silver uMax with 8 inch coil. Thank you
  18. ❎ SOLD Trade: 3 Machines. DFX, Silver uMax, Omega 8000

    Trade: 2 Machines. Silver uMax, Omega 8000 Need to try and trade off 2 of my detectors for other models for a project I am working on. I ship Either USPS or Fedex whichever is cheaper and can ship M-F. Will trade with established members unless you are local to Ventura, CA area and then can be...
  19. Draped Bust Baby!

    :thumbsup: Nice fall day very nice hunt for sure, I love this sport!
  20. De Leon Coils

    Hi All! I am new to this forum. I've been using my DeLeon for a month now (mostly for coins and ww2 relics) and I have a few questions and hope you guys will help me.. 1) is cortes deeper than DeLeon? 2) I bought DeLeon with new Tesoro RDS stock coil which is DD. And I am thinking to buy a DD...