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Oct 29, 2018
Seattle, WA
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Toran Whitaker. I'm a producer for PSG Films, a Seattle, WA based production company. We produce shows for companies like National Geographic and Discovery Channel, our biggest hit being Alaska State Troopers which ended it's seven season run a few months back. Reason I'm posting here is we are currently developing a treasure hunting television show, looking to do something that emulates Curse of Oak Island or The Curse of Snake Island.

I just wanted to reach out here if anyone knows of any treasure hunters that are out here in Washington searching for buried gold such as The Lost Clark County Mine or the buried treasure in Walla Walla County, or if there's any more obscure stories that more known locally than state-wide, and if anyone is pursuing those leads? I figured this would be the best place to reach out to see if anyone's looking for this and has spent some time doing searching for some kind of treasure in Washington and has found some stuff and is maybe on a lead. Just curious! Hope to hear from you guys!

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