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Feb 2, 2010
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Tesoro Tejon,Tesoro Lobo, Minelab GPX 4500.
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All Treasure Hunting
Over the years hunting relics and gold in the gold fields of the Sierra foothills in the Motherlode Region I have uncovered various pick heads. Some of them have a stamp on that can identify the merchant or forge that has produced them. One of the three that interests me the most is the one stamped with the name FREMONT do to the fact that John C. Fremont had a few mines in the Mariposa county and had some other business interests here and that this pick was found not far from one of his gold mines. I also contacted a few mining tool enthusiasts and asked about the Fremont stamp and was told they never seen one like this was told it was unusual, so my quest to get some answers led me to a blacksmith. The blacksmith said that back in those days every hard rock mine had their own blacksmith shop, when tools wore out or broke they would get repaired, repurposed or new ones made. He also stated that that its possible the tools were stamped with the name of the owner of the property in this case FREMONT who had bought a Mexican land grant in this region. Another pick has a Chinese character on it, and the other Pacific stamp. But for me the prize is the FREMONT pick do to the history of the man know as the "great pathfinder" do to his exploits across the west with Kit Carson and eventual westward expansion of the United States into California. If anyone has more information to add to my investigation of this FREMONT pick head or the others please be free to share the knowledge. Thank You !


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