Vandals: String 'em up!

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Jul 4, 2012
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criminals need to be locked up, instead of released over, and over, until they kill someone.
A cop was just shot in Cleveland, by a girl that arrested and released numerous times, the last one for armed robbery.


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Feb 3, 2009
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WTF! Really they need to carve the grey matter out and see what went wrong.
Children having children or is a sign of the times
Or did it offended the carver.
Really it has swung tooo far past the centre-now favouring the wrong doers.

We never say any $hit like this growing up, the worse it ever got was the rock bluff along a roadway.
A heart with two initials, a peace sign, GRAD -- but that was it, and that was a horror show to the elders.

The article is a tad weird though-why a video about a Grizzly?

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