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Jun 2, 2013
Central Virginia
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Hello everyone this is the Manamal from Louisa, Virginia joining the hunt! I have been drilling for 25 years all over the United States and have a very good understanding of geology and how things flow in the ground. Until now I have never wanted to dig around on my personal time(hehehe) but call me crazy because I just ordered my first panning kit last week. Yep that's right I got the fever, gold fever!
With a quick search online you can look up Contrary Creek in Mineral Virginia and get a good ideal of the general area I will be prospecting. There are over 220 confirmed old mines in the area most having found some gold. I am lucky enough to have two places to prospect that have never been prospected in the past according to the record books dating back as far as 1734! One is an old dried out steam bed running in a southernly direction approximately 1 mile and the second is a creek running above Contrary to the North Anna River. I am really excited about the creek as I have found references to it as far back as the record books go in the early 1700's, but was not accessible for prospecting for several reasons. Ive already walked the creek stretching approximately 8 miles and cleared the way so that prospecting can begin immediately when my kit arrives! From what I've seen already there are lots of quartz and pyrites in the stream along with some jagged bedrocks. The only thing that surprised me is there is hardly no black sands but plenty of deep blue clays with blonde water sand in them in the lower bank walls. So for now that's my story...until next week! Looking forward to sharing my prospecting experience with Treasurenet.com!

Welcome! From Manassas, VA! Also am a member of CCPL! :)

Welcome aboard from the great state of Pennsylvania (USA).
You might consider browsing Sub-Forums: Virginia for information (i.e., clubs, hunts, finds, legends, maps, etc.) directly related to your state.

New here as well. I'd love to prospect more but time working (I'm a metals and foreign exchange trader) and living location have me a good bit of distance from most productive locations. There are some in Louisa and I've panned Contrary Creek with a little success. I am more interested in the refining of black sands, I have a full laboratory for this and have been purchasing for quite some time. I'd be happy to buy from individuals on here as well. If you can ship a bucket, I'll buy by weight and source.

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