What the Frick????


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Nov 21, 2017
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Somehow ALL this crap has got to end.IF these countries wanna claim it, then they need to GO and freaking find it ! Otherwise,all these blood suckers need to ...pound sand...Finders keepers !!!
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Feb 5, 2007
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yep -- sadly the finder GME got stuck ….if the vessel was French ---the French under the "sunken military craft act" could claim that all of the French fleet vessels that left Fort Caroline to attack the Spanish in St Augustine were on a "military mission" when they were sank by a storm ... thus the vessel is a "war grave" even thought they were sank by weather rather than military action …..and if it wasn't French but rather a Spanish vessel carrying "looted" monuments FROM Fort Caroline to St Augustine (to be used to justify Spain's attack on Fort Caroline --the monuments were Spain's "proof" that France had tried to claim Florida which they viewed as theirs) then Spain can step in under the same "sunken military craft act" and claim it --sucks for GME either way sadly -- in my view France should have to pay a "finders fee" to cover finding cost but that's not gonna happen..

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