White's Easter Egg Hunt Egg 4 Clue

Sep 18, 2010
Ellisville, Mississippi
Detector(s) used
White's V3i, White's MXT Pro, and a White's Treasure Master, along with a White's TRX Pinpointer...
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
White's Easter Egg 4 Clue in South Mississippi... There are 2 of the eggs shown in the attached picture at the location of the buried egg. These eggs do not mark the exact spot but are just there to let you know you are at the right location and of course someone could have removed one or both eggs after I left them... Clue: I was driving into the sunset on Hwy 90 and saw a historical marker that I just had to read, and while standing there and enjoying the evenings sunset I couldn't help but notice that a King was having a heated conversation with Juan, an Old Cajun, and Ronald, it was at this point that I shook the sand off of my shoes and left.
Egg  4 - A (2).jpg

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