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🥇 BANNER Best Metal Detecting Find EVER!

Best Metal Detecting Find EVER!
I'm constantly asked (as I'm sure many of you here are too..), "What's the BEST thing you've ever found"? Well....I can now pretty much answer that question very easily! Here it is! 14K Yellow Gold, Halo/Basket setting with approx .75 to 1.0 carats of diamonds around and a WHOPPER of a center stone. Somewhere either side of 2 carats. Likely in the J-K color range but still giant! Found on the beach about mid slope. I was thinking I found one that was lost this past summer that Gigmaster, I and others had searched for as a return but was never found. It too had an oval diamond but in a...

🥇 BANNER 1914D!! Wheat at Grandmas's after Silver hunt😁

1914D!! Wheat at Grandmas's after Silver hunt😁
Ok, so I got back to Grandma's, helped My Sweet Wife decorate cake balls, then went out for an hour in Grandma's yard that We've hit so hard!!!! With the 10x5" Coiltek Coil on , I was able to pull two Wheats and one old Big Smith button out of the yard. They were all within an inch, if not touching each other. A lot of swinging for two Wheats, but when I cleaned them off inside!!!!
I got a 1914D Wheat!, 1920 Wheat, and the Big Smith Button.
What away to start Christmas 😁🎄
Thanks for looking and
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🥇 BANNER Slave Hire Badge

Slave Hire Badge
Didn't find it today. Posted the video a few days ago.

Made a trip down to Charleston SC with a couple buddies and had a great 3-4 days of digging. Made a 2 part video of the trip.

Found my first cob which was very exciting. Got over a pile of relics and found my 2nd Slave Hire Badge (Slave Tag)

I have not posted much as I have not been out much in the last year or so. Also escaped CA so been busy with the new home and location. But thought this might be worthy of a share.

If interested in the type of sites see the vid.

Thx and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas etc...

🥇 BANNER Appalachian Pirate Treasure!!! 8 Reale!!

Appalachian Pirate Treasure!!! 8 Reale!!
Appalachian Pirate Treasure

I’ve never been this lucky in my life… I’ll try to make this as fast as possible. So! I was sifting an over hang (ON MY PROPERTY, I feel like that’s important to clarify) very successfully by my standards, I’ll post the pictures of the artifacts after this. Anyway, I was sifting some fresh soil when I see a round disk drop out of a dirt clod on the the screen, trying not to get my hopes up I reach down and pick up the abnormally heavy object. My hearts beating like crazy, as I turn it over Instantly realize what I’m holding.. a beautiful 1786 8 REALE!!! Made in...

🥇 BANNER Bucket List Seated Quarter - it's a good one!

Bucket List Seated Quarter - it's a good one!
Only about a week ago, I was admiring the Seated Quarter on Silvermonkey's 12/2 thread "Bucket List Find, plus Bonus." I commented on his post that I had never found one myself. My luck changed yesterday at my cornfield permission. I was scanning between the rows of 10" high cornstalk stubble, when I got a nice solid high tone on the AT Pro. I dug the plug and the coin pretty much rolled out off the pile. I thought at first it was a modern state quarter, but quickly determined it was a Seated Quarter. I hardly ever find Seated coins, and this is my first quarter. It is an 1853 with...

🥇 BANNER Rattlesnake Bit!

Rattlesnake Bit!
Spending Thanksgiving in the low country this year and have the pleasure of hunting a plantation just north of Charleston. Over the last 5 years we hunt about twice a year and have found everything from a gold thimble to a 3rd regiment SC rev war button along with several colonial gun parts, copper coins, hundreds of flat buttons of different sizes and types. This week didn't disappoint. This place is loaded and luckily they still plow a small area along the oaks. The find of the week is a rattlesnake button and a royal provincial rev war button. I am surprised ate the condition of the...

🥇 BANNER I Accidentally Found My Grandfather's Class Ring!

I Accidentally Found My Grandfather's Class Ring!
I was detecting a grass parking lot in our small community that I have detected before, but not entirely. I had been detecting for a couple of hours and was getting nothing but a bunch of nails and can slaw/pull tabs. I came across a spot where I got 5 or 6 solid mid 50s signals on my AT Pro in a 3x3 area. The first hole was a pull tab, the second a piece of slaw. I had decided to give up and move on, but I went ahead and dug one more. It was showing about two inches on my machine. When I popped open the hole I knew my luck had changed, that wonderful color we all know. GOLD! I happily...

🥇 BANNER Sunday afternoon: She's wearing a silver cap!

Sunday afternoon: She's wearing a silver cap!

🥇 BANNER Pres. John Adams & Other Goodies!

Pres. John Adams & Other Goodies!
Got out with my friend Frank today to hit up some sites up north. Ran into a Black bear (no pictures) as we were shouting & banging our shovels to scare it away. Happened upon a porcupine and back off.

Got a pair of Pres. John Adams cufflinks as well as 2 buttons. The Buckle is silver but my guess it's silver plated. Need to do some research on the cufflinks, been a long day!

🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

My First US Gold Coin!
It took almost 40 years but I finally found a US minted gold coin.

I put my small coil on the Equinox 800 with the intention of working an area that is laden with square nails, deteriorating cans and junk. Never got there. As I was crossing a dry creek I got a solid 20 on the VDI and thought I'd be digging a lead bullet or something of that nature.

QTR Eagle Site.jpg

I was absolutely floored when I dug what certainly looked like gold through the dirt.
QTR Eagle Dirt (1).jpg

And oh man it was!
QTR Eagle Edge.jpg

It just doesn't seem...