coins & relics

  1. Found on beach, possible coin?

    Hello, I found this on Coin Beach in Delaware, it rolled up to me in a wave, and I'm wondering if it's something or how to find out? I don't want to damage it anymore than I possibly already have and it's so encrusted. A chunk came off and it looks like it removed the top a bit in travel...
  2. Amazing find

    Was out on the beach with my new Garrett 300 and found an Eisenhower dollar on my first pass. Amazing find. I would say beginners luck. But rather be lucky than good sometimes.
  3. Please Help! What kind of coin is this?

    I was doing some backyard digging when I came across this coin. It looks very old, I can't read what it says. Does anyone know anything about this beauty? Trash or TREASURE?!
  4. Found Today Old Coin?

    I found this beauty today cleaning out my 1968 Nova. Is it an old coin? Possibly a seal of some sort, or just some vending machine toy? I'm not having any luck finding anything similar on google images. I'm excited to find out what this find is!
  5. British Edward VII silver pin, coins and civil war poker chips?

    Had a terrific day hunting a school yard that dates back to the 40-50s. Can anyone help explain the penny sized lead disks? Oxidation suggests they are very old. Found not too far from civil war era campsite. They are very symmetrical, almost as if they were coin blanks? Any idea? Also found...
  6. Found an Awesome Clay Bottle and a few Coins

    I started the day next to an old creek near my house. I didn't find anything there but I did spot a bottle in the water. The only way to retrieve the bottle was to get wet. The creek was about a foot and a half deep and I was wet for the rest of the day but it was worth it. It turned out to be a...
  7. My first silver coin! 1942 Nickel

    I know its only 35% silver, but that's more silver than aluminum!
  8. Wheaty at the Diamond!

  9. Two hunts: Coins, and a button!

  10. Best metal detecting YouTube channel?!

    So when you guys go on YouTube and watch metal Detecting videos what is your go to channel? My go to is Blazing Shovels Metal Detecting. These guys are just starting off but their video quality and editing is up there with the best of them, plus they are finding amazing stuff! A must watch...
  11. Strange marking on a walking liberty half dollar possible double die or different die

    Hello! Can anyone help me identify what is going on here with this Walking Liberty Half Dollar? I used my digital microscope to get a little closer to the coin so that I could see if the "markings" clearly spelled something out but I just cant tell if or what it says. Can anyone help? have...
  12. Wonderful weekend! CW Buttons, coins and Family!

    My son got a great report card and review from his teacher, so I asked what he wanted to do special for his achievement. His response.... "Let's go detecting Dad!" My kinda kid! So we went to a couple civil war era permissions and had one heck of a day!He was using his Garrett AT Pro, and I had...
  13. Great day for one of The Bearded Prospectors

    Check out hunt from yesterday, we are loving the treasure hunting more then gold detecting.
  14. Found two Newfoundland Large Cents in two days- 10 years apart!

    Hey guys! This is my first post of the year. So far, 2016 is looking good for finding Newfoundland one cent coins! Haha! They are found in almost every field/building site that existed before confederation that I have been detecting to. Most of these areas are within walking distance for me...
  15. Treasure hunt in Russia

    Hello! I live in Russia , and more than 5 years are engaged in search of treasure. Several years ago I began to write their findings on video and want to share these videos with you . I hope you enjoy the finds from Russia . Thank you !
  16. In the search for coins in Crimea

    Hello Today will talk about his quest in Crimea A few photos but the most interesting video
  17. 1st year

    These are a few photos i had of my first year taking metal detecting seriously. These photos are from Oct '12 --E October '13. I will post more as I find them. Bounty Treasure Hunter III with Imedion batteries and a upgraded 10" coil. I wish I knew how to use the discriminator and ground balance...
  18. New Channel, New adventures (Indian Surprise)

    Join Us for an adventure, from beginning to end, as we detect the Southeastern United States, looking for relics, coins, and memories. Indian Head Surprise at the end of video, more footage of my first old coin to come!
  19. I Cant Believe What I Found!

    I Can't Believe What I Found! I had a good day out detecting.. Take a look.
  20. Gold Pocket Watch

    I found this pocket watch today while detecting. Is it gold? Plated? or something else. Please let me know what you thing. I believe the case is Kenosha as it has a Indian on inside of dust cover.