1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What Gem or Mineral is this one?

    It's quite similar to quartz, it kind of looks like salt crystals, it's greyish, all of them are almost triangular with sharp edges. it is on an glittery white gray stone with some lighter strips, around the crystals it is more white (maybe calcite?), like in an amethyst geode. I found it near...
  2. Rock?, Meteorite?, Crystal? Also magnetic.

  3. Is this smoky quartz?

    I recently bought this crystal and was wondering if it is smokey quartz and a good quality crystal. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You!!
  4. Unidentified green gem

    I picked this up in a lot from an estate auction in North Carolina. I'm not entirely sure what it is I thought it might be Beryl but I think it could also be green Tourmaline I'm not all that familiar with the different types of green gems. It's 2 centimeters long and fairly clear I can't see...
  5. Unidentified pieces of my collection

    Recently I was reorganizing my collection and I found a bunch of unidentified pieces I had forgotten about and just stored away. Iv'e picked out my 4 favorites if anyone could help me figure out what any of them are It'd be greatly appreciated! The largest piece is the one I'm most curious...
  6. ✅ SOLVED Corundum in unidentified green rock?

    So there's a bit of a story behind these. My great great grandparents use to be rock hounds their property has multiple sheds just full of various crystals and just interesting rocks they liked the look of. The property has been abandoned for about 40 years and my great grandmother who now owns...
  7. Mystery crystal

    I've had this for years but I have no idea what it is. Help?
  8. Not sure what it is? Possible coral? Indiana

    I found this while I was on a hike and I took my kids to the creek near the trail. It looks like there’s some sort of crystal growing in a couple of holes too. I checked some stuff out so I’m not sure if it’s solicified coral or what. It’s pretty heavy and about the size of a baseball. These...
  9. snake egg crystal

    Greetings, We had been to the Tunduru Mountains and met our old friend, he is gone with age and managed to give us his find from deep in the mountains which looked like the images uploaded. He thought the object had some magical features and could help in healing but then that was not his...
  10. silver and crystal decanter

    Anyone know what these markings are? An age? thanks
  11. Identifying iron ore?

    Hello, my mum bought this in an auction ages ago because its quite cool and I was just wondering what it is/ how it might have formed? It's cirtainly iron and is very heavy for its size so I wonder if it's quite pure! I half thought it was a meteorite but it dosnt have scorch marks / a layer of...
  12. Please help me sparkling rock

    I found this rock in Washington,DC in the NW area. It is sparkling all over with cooper looking flakes on the side view.
  13. What do I have here?

    Found this beautiful specimen on the Mattole River (northern CA coast) it has some beautiful colors and shapes to it! Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Finds This Year - Opal, Magnetite & More

    I don't post much here anymore because I am so busy, but I thought I'd share some cool finds so far this year. I am a dealer in Japan and come back to California to dig & buy every 2 months. Spencer Opal - been on a binge for Spencers. The opal banding and the nodules the come in are awesome...
  15. ✅ SOLVED Crystallization on petrified wood

    Have a few samples of this liquid looking crystal that is on some petrified wood near navasota river
  16. Large unknown crystal / rock found in wetumpka Alabama

    I have attached a picture of a large reddish orange crystal I found at wind creek wetumpka state park in alabama, I also found some quartz crystals nearby. Anyone have any clue what type of stone or crystal this is?
  17. Some odd crystals I just can't figure out.

    I've been tyring to figure out what these are for the longest time but I just can't seem to crack the case. Sorry for the bad picture my camera is not very good. The first one on the left is solid smooth black with veins of blue quartz looking rock running through out it my best guest is some...
  18. Found this today not sure what it is

    found this today chiseled away most of the rock around it
  19. ✅ SOLVED flaky Rock with crystals I found in my garden

    Hi, I'm new but I heart rocks! Wish I knew more about the lovely rocks I find in my garden! Today I found a rock that has a bunch of white crystal like pieces. I pinched one of them and it broke off in my hand. It's got alot of shiny black in it too.. and its shine flashes like gold when I...
  20. What is this rock?

    My son found it at his school. We live in Brewer, Maine.