1. Need help identifying Nevada rock

    Its extremely hard and pretty heavy, very sparkley and has little pockets of quarts around the outside the red/purplish areas look very glossy or something
  2. San Diego County Gem Hunting

    I started looking for gold and silver in the back country of San Diego which I documented in my prospecting journal here ( Now I am on the hunt for gems in San...
  3. Help needed to identify rough stones and chips, thoughts please!

    Hello all, I have little experience with gemstones and found these with a collection of jewellery at auction. Not the most exciting treasure hunt but an unexpected find still! I understand its difficult to tell from photos but can anyone see anything that would indicate what they are? I...
  4. If its not amber, what is it?

    Howdy everyone! I was given a pile of what was thought to be amber. Used the salt water test and guess what!?!... nothing floated. So my question is, if its not amber,what is it? They're kinda heavy but they all have the amber color when you shine the light on them. I thought maybe glass but...
  5. Unidentified green gem

    I picked this up in a lot from an estate auction in North Carolina. I'm not entirely sure what it is I thought it might be Beryl but I think it could also be green Tourmaline I'm not all that familiar with the different types of green gems. It's 2 centimeters long and fairly clear I can't see...
  6. Please help me identify this mineral

    I found it at the southeast coast of Mediterranean after a big storm. It is not magnetic. That's all I know Here is a close up photo ]1801820[/ATTACH]
  7. Any idea what this rock is????

    Ive always wondered what this is, found it when I was young. :notworthy: Thanks:) Found on beach in California.
  8. Please help me identify this rock, any advice will make my entire week, or month!

    Hello, I live in Phoenix, AZ, I recently helped my Dad tare down the rock wall that has been in our front yard since we first moved in, 13 years ago. It was a beautiful wall, but he decided to expand. Not only were there rocks on the exterior, but 100's were cemented on the inside as well...
  9. Need help identifying a Rock I found

    Hello everyone, I found this Little Rock on my property in Texas while I was gardening, anyone have an idea of what it is?
  10. Need help identifying a Rock I found

    Hello everyone, I found this Little Rock on my property in Texas while I was gardening, anyone have an idea of what it is?
  11. Please help me identify this very unusual (to me) rock

    I'm a newbie rockhound having recently moved to Miami Arizona. I found this rock in Globe AZ. It's very hard. The porous side a file will hardly touch. It's approx. 6" x 4" x 4". Any help as to it's nature and value is very much appreciated. thanks
  12. Help identifying this rock.

    I'm a newbee rockhound having recently located to the Miami/Globe area in Arizona. I think what I have found is an agate. It's approx. 6" X4" X4". Any help in identifying it and it's value will be much appreciated.
  13. THIS IS A GEM ?

    Hello, how are you guyz?:hello: I would like to know if this stone is a ruby :4leafclover: Or if it has a name, it was apparently found in the very old house and its old dome was a Portuguese of portugal .. I would like to know whether or not it is worth it, and if it is worth something at least...
  14. ID Needed, Possible Agate/Fossil ??

    see other post. apparently i cannot delete this.
  15. Still need ID help with a The Gem jar! Anyone have a Red Book?

    Still need ID help with a 'The Gem' jar! Anyone have a Red Book? Hey Everyone, A little while ago I posted about a 'The Gem' jar I recently acquired: I did get a little help from Bass and AnthonyCoil (thanks again...
  16. Meteorite? Ummmm.... What is this thingy?

  17. Found this in a creek in south carolina

    I need help getting pointed in the right direction. I found this stone in a creek behind my house the other day. I am not sure what it is. I have been suspecting green garnet but it's hard to tell. I need some opinions. Someone told me it was lave glass but I find that rather unlikely seeing is...
  18. From Central Ohio, ready to hunt but dont know what!

    From Central Ohio, ready to hunt but don't know what! I've been a member here for several years and enjoy looking at other folks' finds and reading their stories. Other than 2 gem mining trips in SC and one short visit to a beach, I haven't done any other searching though I now have the time to...
  19. Gem Encrusted Indian Head Penny 1904

    While rolling some pennies I discovered a 1904 Indian Head encrusted with some sort of gem looking object. I have no idea what it is but maybe some of you guys can help me out.
  20. last rock youll ever see

    last rock you'll ever see Color: deep black Appearance: deep black with quartz stripes, smooth, lustrous Shape: rhombus Material: crystallized carbon Hardness: very hard Specific gravity: 2.6 Weight: 38g Any comments, thoughts or ideas?