Any idea what this rock is????


Dec 6, 2019
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Ive always wondered what this is, found it when I was young. :notworthy:

Thanks:) IMG_0188.jpg

Found on beach in California.

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I use a hammer and safety glasses and start beating till it cracks open, you might have a nice supersize in that one...

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The thing is a picture is often not enough to ID a rock. It would help if we knew if the rock seemed light or heavy for it's size. Rub the rock on a piece of porcelain like the underside of a toilet tank cover if you can't find anything else. Look at the color left behind.
See if the rock is soft enough to where a penny will scratch it. If not go to a nail, then a piece of glass.
These tests will help classify a rock. It's the fun part.

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Got it. Well I will have to try those things! The only one I know for sure is that it is heavy for its size.

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Due to weathering one could only guess. But if it is hard I would say granite.

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I suggest also another couple photos with some direct light on the rock either flash or preferably sunlight.

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Not a good photo, but it looks like actinolite, an asbestos mineral. If you smash it with a hammer, you will disperse asbestos fibers.Actinolite.jpg

Actinolite_-_USGS_Mineral_Specimens_003-1.jpg actm113c-actinolite.jpg

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It does appear to be Actinolite. Nephrite jade is closely related. Often the two are misidentified.

Kray Gelder is correct that Actinolite is a form of asbestos. It's generally considered to be more dangerous than other varieties of asbestos so I too would suggest leaving the rock intact.

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