native amaerican

  1. ✅ SOLVED Creek find - Worked or natural?

  2. Show off your best materials.

    I’m sharing ones I’m not sure on so maybe we can all learn something. All found in Arkansas north west corner close to Missouri line.
  3. My best bullseye 🎯

    close 2nd is my dalton bullseye but this one takes 1st. Thanks for looking
  4. Thunder bird effigy birdie

    As promised my most special piece the thunder bird/eagle effigy birdie. Was found along with a couple other birdies I posted yesterday. It's all there no breaks the beak is prominent. One wing slightly larger than the other ive found that fairly consistent with a lot of authentic examples...
  5. What y'all think it is

    First time fining one of these not sure actually what type any ideas?
  6. Authentic axe heads, Celt and stone tools

    Looked for a while last night and all I found was mainly people mistaking natural rocks for artifacts. hoping these can help people with comparing real artifacts with fakes. Found the morrels outside while cleaning some rocks lol
  7. Bullseye dalton

    Favorite find from last year. My mom was killed July 2023 and I found this point the first Mother's Day without her meant a lot as she was the one who forged my passion of chasing down and preserving history one point at a time. The spiritual kinship you have with the creator of each piece is...
  8. Red rock

    very hard, hit them together get sparks, find many when working the ground also many other Native American artifacts , these rocks are not native to my area
  9. Help identifying native American artifact

    Could this be a native American grinding stone? It has considerable wear on the underside where it is almost dished out and has long scratches and discoloration that is red. There is a groove where your thumb fits to the left also with staining and grooves where your fingers fit on the other...
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Dont know..

    What could it be..
  11. Pottery shard??

    Found this in NW Florida, not far from where I recently picked up an arrowhead. Just wondering if you guys think it could be a pottery shard? Looks like it might even be burnt on one end. Thanks in advance!
  12. Help identifying

    I found this in one of my fields this past spring, almost hit it with the mower! Not sure what it is, I am guessing some kind of Native American artifact. The bigger hole on the top next to the quarter is about 3/4” deep, about 1 1/4” diameter. It has 3 smaller holes each about 1/2” diameter...
  13. Native American bead?

    Hello, We found this along the Missouri River in Central Missouri and are wondering if it could possibly be a bead. Appreciate any help.
  14. Help identifying time period and date of artifacts

    Hey everyone! I’ve been digging an overhang on my property in wv, I was hoping someone could help me identify some of the points as well as give their best time period estimate. Thanks everyone, have a great Christmas! -Metal detective kalin
  15. Native American 3/4 grove stone axe head

    Hi there, I just acquired this axe head from one of my clients yesterday during a plumbing service call, she?s 70 y/o. She told me she owns land nearby pillager MN just north of Bemidji. She was walking through the wilderness looking for wild ferns to dig up and plant at her other home in the...
  16. Need help identifying time period

    Found this effigy rock I believe to be a duck in the Conasauga river . I have found several effigy rocks in the same area . Would like to know time period . This find was on the Tennessee Georgia line on private property . I have taken several pictures showing both sides of the stone, close up...
  17. native american artifacts (franklin/roanoke)

    I'm local and have for years been wondering how to find others with similar interests. I have a nitof an anxiety issue but I try not to let that affect my passion still I have yet to make any connections. It would be great to hear back from anyone else curious as me , anyone who has stories or...
  18. Spear Head

    Ok this is one of the best things I've ever found, even better than another gold ring in my book. What's more shocking was I found it while metal detecting in the front yard of the home where I grew up, roughly 20 feet from the front door. I wasn't even there to dig I just decided to give it a...
  19. Knife & Bead

    Haven't posted in a LONG while cause I haven't found much besides footprints & brokes! lol I found these few worth posting. The first is what I think is a couple of Knifes? The next I was hoping it was a bead,thought was just another Crinoid fossil but zooming in on it, It looks to have...
  20. Another treasure that I couldnt take home...

    Another treasure that I couldn't take home... Another Indian Ruin site. There are more popular locations about 45 minutes away but this one, as are most of my favorites, are a little off the beaten trail and it deters a lot of visitors. A lot of people don't seem to enjoy hiking through snake...