1. Mystery find

    Mystery find

    Found this on an old beach in the northeast not sure what it is
  2. pewter hat badge?

    any one know if this being pewter is rev war? I know the ID ribbon is missing so true ID is not possible
  3. ID help with partial pewter hat badge

    I think it British Royal Artillery hat badge
  4. Pewter button of some sort?

    Found at a site where I have found coins and relics ranging from 1820s to 1860s. It feels and looks like a pewter button, and it looks like it had some kind of iron shank. I'm not 100% sure if it is even a button, does anyone know what, how old it is, or have any other information? Thanks.
  5. Looking for More Information: button, buckle, gun plate?, pewter thing

    Hello All, These are recent finds from the past few weeks and were all found in the same basic neighborhood of what appear to be colonial farms here in Southeastern CT. We are looking to get some opinions on what we think we see and some identifications. First, we have this pewter button...
  6. Antique flexible pewter bowl and 1700s Trefid spoon?

    Does anyone know anything about this bowl. It appears to be a very flexible pewter bowl about a foot 12" across and has "CHINA" etched in the bottom. Please help. I will post for spoon.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Metal Type?

    Can anyone id this type of metal? I searched pewter, lead, etc with no convincing match.
  8. Pewter Button, Spoon, etc... 1683 Property, Mass

    Hi friends, metal detecting has been few and far between due to work schedules, but got out today for an hour or two. Found a very old pewter spoon in pieces, a neat looking brass piece (any ideas?), a very smooth bullet, and a beautiful pewter button (tombac?). Nothing too exciting--even an old...
  9. Help identifying Pewter pieces?

    Hey everyone, I Recently bought a few pewter items in southern Germany and have not been able to find anything out about them. Any help is appreciated!
  10. Found On Beach - Piece of Silver, Pewter, other?

    Found this at the low tide line yesterday on beach in St. Augustine area. Is it old because of the shells stuck on it? Generally how long does something need to be in the water for this to happen? And, if old, why hasn't it corroded away (if it were iron)? I scraped and edge to show the metal...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Pewter 1794

    I found this pewter bowl (I'm guessing) today and it's a bit mangled but I think I can pound it back out. The bottom clearly reads PEWTER REG US PAT OFF 1794 (weak 9) The problem is, I haven't been able to track down the hallmark or touchmark or what ever you wish to call it. Along side it...
  12. Colonial Things? Bronze item, lead/pewter, flat button - 1683 Property - Mass.

    Hi everyone, here are today's findings. Some of the things are bizarre - the lead/pewter pieces have weird indentations or designs on them. Lots of pottery shards. The item John is most interested in learning about is the bronze cap-looking thing. It was dug at 18" deep and registered around 85...
  13. Another Day of Colonial?? Finds...Massachusetts

    Hi everyone, just posting today's finds. Anything look familiar (besides the obvious, lol)? Curious about the round hollow circle thingy. Enjoy! Lisa & John
  14. Door Knob...Grenade Fragment...Other?

    Hello! Our first post here. This was dug up via metal detector on a 1683 property in Massachusetts. At various points over the centuries, the property was used as a tavern/boarding house, complete with blacksmith, farrier, 60-stall barn, etc. There was also a schoolhouse on the property at one...
  15. First Find

    Hello all, I'm new to Treasurenet and to metal detecting. My son and I went out to our back yard and found the item below. Our house was built in 1917 and is located in Lake City, NW Pa. I was told that the town was built up around a circus performer named Dan Rice in 1853. I just wanted to...
  16. Can anyone identify this pewter hallmark?

    I haven't seen one like this before. Any insight would help. Thanks!
  17. ✅ SOLVED How old is this pewter cup?!

    I have this old colonial w.s.n pewter cup. I saw a vase with the same hallmark and was told it was circa 1930s but I'm not sure as I can't find this cup and any information on the company. Thanks in advance😄
  18. Ebay purchase

    A few months back I purchased this spoon off of Ebay where the seller claimed it was a 17th century pewter spoon. After receiving the spoon I agree that it's both pewter and, well, a spoon, but I'm not sure of the time period. I can't find an example of the maker's mark anywhere that could...
  19. How to clean pewter

    Can someone tell me how to clean pewter,for very cheap or for free. Or should i do it at all cause i don't know please and thank you.
  20. Help ID this cast pewter button please.......

    Found on the Georgia / S. Carolina line near the Savannah river. No markings on the reverse.