1. Abandoned Railroad Siding

    Found these on a short hunt at an abandoned rail siding. I’m not sure what purpose this building served. TONS OF TRASH!!!!!!!!! 30 minutes was all I could take lol $1.36 Watch face 8 Pound Hammer The remains of someone’s tool belt Cheers!
  2. Pre Palio or not , collection of 300 similar artifact defined by chipping stone or gemstones??

    Found a rather good collection on the need to know , I wish to know if these are pre Palio or not.!? Iv over 300 knifes and axe heads and arrowheads ,chipping, skinners, spear tips . Discovered to my knowledge in kingman AZ recently by a woman I met in town and on my purchase of them I was sure...
  3. Digging tools: 2nd week MD

    Trying to figure out what will work best in my area to dig with. Had an old military trench shovel. Cleaned it up added a rope handle and covered the pick with rope. Had play in it and was pinching my had while digging. Also put an edge on it. Added a long handle to a Gator trowel and reshaped...
  4. Can someone give me some information on an axe head

    Hello and thank you. I am very new to metal detecting and forums, but after my back surgery I figured it would pass tjhe time and I really enjoy it. I haven't dug a bunch of treasure but have found some coins tokens TOY guns ECT. But I found a very nice (to me) axe head but cannot find any...
  5. Knife or axe repost with more pics

    Eastern Kentucky find. I’m pretty sure it’s a knife but I’ve had a few people tell me this looks like a flint Celt? Appreciate any advice in advance :)

    Hey everyone! My names jamesfrom Connecticut . I’m new to this site and treasure hunting in general. I have always been fascinated by the idea of it and have decided that I’d give it a shot. I’d love the experience of being out trying to find lost treasures. That being said I have no idea where...
  7. Native American Tool???

    Hello I found this while Metal detecting a beach in Long Island New York. It looks like a lot of Native American Tools that I have found online. Does anyone know what this could be? A rock is not the answer that I’m looking for. I already know that info. Thanks !
  8. "Tools"

    There is a pretty common misconception among people interested in artifacts that only bifaces (flaked on both sides) with more or less recognizable forms are really "artifacts" and everything else "just rocks." I'm here to point out that this idea completely collapses when an attempt is made...
  9. Hand held orange SE spade

    Hi, has anyone bought or used a MD spade called SE? I found it on Amazon for $14 and it's orange and a best seller. It seems to have great reviews. I believe it's the first one to pop up if you search "metal detecting tools". If anyone could help that would be great because I don't want to...
  10. Stone artifacts???

    Are any of these artifacts? or Rocks? Thank you.
  11. Tools of the Trade and Why?

    Hey everybody thank you for coming in, I am getting ready to restart my crevicing/sniping tool kit and I just wanted to get some ideas in here to help influence what I purchase or make next. I want to see what some of you have in your arsenal and maybe we could all see some cool creations and...
  12. Can you help identify the time period of these indian artifacts?

    I am including a link to a dropbox folder where there are photos of artifacts found in Central Texas that appear to be much older than all the other sites I have been on in my life. Nothing about the site fits any others. The tools are well worn and greasy when first pulled out. Many have...
  13. Finding ancient tools in my yard everywhere, can someone help me?

    I am in Lake city Florida and I am finding all these Indian or ancient tools all over my yard!Is this normal?
  14. Weapon or tool ? LOL

    No clue what this is but it's threaded on the outer thicker end, the opposite end comes to a point but is bent. This was found on an old dairy farm and I believe it's made out of iron. Any ideas ? Thank you in advance.
  15. ✅ SOLVED Iron Mystery and an a Jack Knife Help Please.

    East Texas, Piney woods area found this stuff in the woods, no houses around. Any help identifying would be appreciated! Thanks for your time. I was trying to clean the knife up a bit, but I kept loosing pieces of the bone, or wood that was left on it so I quit.
  16. A tool to find rare items on eBay

    I found an interesting tool which can help me to find something promptly on eBay. This tool can help me to do search work every hour from and many other eBay sites, once it found the item, it will send me notification immediately, nice :laughing7:
  17. GPS and other tools

    My family and I are novice treasure hunters but we would like to learn as much as possible. We have purchased a decent detector (not a toy, but not a $2000 machine either) and we are looking for additional tools. We would like a GPS unit to help mark places we have searched, see where we left...
  18. Obsidian Knife, Scrapper, Tool Found in Franklin County East Texas

    I have dug ten's of thousands of holes in the last 5 winters at this ranch we have stayed at in east Texas (Private Property with owners consent) always keeping my eyes open for Native American Artifacts while Metal Detecting. I even hunt while taking walks with my husband as my eyes are always...
  19. Farm Find

    I found this tool in a pasture located in Winterpock, VA. This is the location of the original Richmond Coal Basin and near the old Richmond Railroad. My first thoughts was a Railroad Adze. It is 12 inches, 4 pounds, iron, symmetrical with a rounded blade and blunt pin. Any Thoughts?