west virginia

  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Hand axe or axe head? Or any other ideas?

    Southern West Virginia. Found this out in the apple orchard with my dad in June 2023. On the site, I have found many points, filled multiple mason jars with debitage, a broken axe head, abraders, rubbed hematite, and a few nutting stones. I don't know what kind of stone but it's not similar to...
  2. Abrader, sharpening stone, petroglyph, or natural??

    What are your thoughts?? I've seen many hand held size abraders online but not many larger stones...maybe I'm just not looking in the right places though. Maybe I'm completely wrong but these grooves don't look like anything natural to me. It has different width and depth grooves. I've had a few...
  3. Today's find in WV!

    Back at it again in Greenbrier Co, West Virginia! Possibly a Jack's Reef made out of Laurel Run (Wythe Co, Va) chert?? Reply with your thoughts
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any clue about his knife?

    Recently, we removed about 6 inches of topsoil from a yard in southern WV and have found 1 broken point, 1 broken scraper, and a lot of flakes. Then yesterday I found this knife in the same exact location. I have no clue about knife identification or aging them. I haven't seen any stamped area...
  5. Help identifying. Sharpening tool? Carved rock?

    Hello! I need help figuring out if this rock is anything. I found it somewhere in West Virginia and there are scratches all around it that look deliberately carved and unnatural. Was this a sharpening tool or something else? Thank you!
  6. county seal

    I guess this may not be the proper venue, because this is a re-find from today rather than a today's find. Anyhow, I purchased this seal at a tiny flea market in Amherst County, Virginia several years ago. I then proceeded to put it away in a "safe place" so that I could retrieve it when needed...
  7. WV State Treasures (check website for other states)

    State Treasures VIRGINIA WEST VIRGINIA In the late 1800s bandits who robbed travelers and payroll trains used a cave near a place called Island-In-The-Sky in Babcock State Park south of Lookout. It is believed that loot of this gang is buried somewhere in or near this cave hideout. John...
  8. HELP NEEDED Indian Silver Mine, referenced as a Swift Mine

    ..... OK, so I grew up in WV near Indian Camp in Upshur County, an Indian Camp older than recorded time here in America.. My whole life I have heard tidbits of a supposed Silver Mine at Indian Camp. --- CAN ANYONE FIND REFERENCE TO THIS SILVER MINE.? (Indian record.? Indian Tales.?) ...

    .... Indian Camp, Buckhannon, Upshur County WV ... (don't forget this would have been Virginia through the time period) ... call it what you will SWIFT's SILVER MINE, LOST INDIAN SILVER MINE, ONE OF WV's BEST KEPT SECRETS ...... I am looking for ANY information regarding this mine and or...
  10. Wild And Wonderful West Virginia Treasure Seekers Club.

    Hey guy's we are trying to start a Metal Detecting club here in the Putnam Co. area in WV. If you're interested in joining just send me a message.
  11. New Civil War hunt

    I'm looking for some people to help dig this Civil War site that's never been detected. It's right down the road from me. Skirmish at Hurricane Bridge
  12. Anyone near Putnam County?

    Looking for someone to go metal detecting with around Putnam county. I know of a few good places to go.
  13. Panning WV

    Anyone ever pan Paint creek inWest Virginia? Up along 77
  14. Suggestions for hunting near Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg/Harpers Ferry

    Suggestions for hunting near Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg/Harper's Ferry Hey Gang, Long time lurker here, enjoying all the helpful info and experience. Now I'm hoping y'all might have some suggestions for me... I will be travelling to West Virginia next month for about a week and would like to...
  15. Suggestions for detecting around Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg/Harpers Ferry, WV

    Suggestions for detecting around Shepherdstown/Sharpsburg/Harper's Ferry, WV Hey Gang, Long time lurker here, enjoying all the helpful info and experience. Now I'm hoping y'all might have some suggestions for me... I will be travelling to West Virginia next month for about a week and would...
  16. GEMS?

    Are there gems in West Virginia..Where do i look?
  17. wv newby

    Hi, I'm in west virginia near Point Pleasant,look'n for places to go, State gov. dosn't seem to detector friendly,any ideas please. On friendly County or Cities?
  18. New here from Putnam County West West Virginia

    Hi guys, just signed up today but I do have a bit of related experience. I'm a former shipwreck diver and dive boat captain, lots of wreck experience but unable to dive now due to a back injury. Also have some research and publications to my credit: Three years (1991-1993) research into...