5th Etrac hunt in same yard = 3 silvers!


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Sep 30, 2012
Bloomington Indiana
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E-TRAC & TESORO GOLDEN SABRE II---ETRAC COILS :SEF 10x12, SEF 6x8, X-5, Detech 8" concentric, ,--- TESORO COILS- 12x10 TOOLS: Lesche, Profind 25, Garrett Propointer
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All Treasure Hunting
3 SILVER coins from my 5th ETRAC hunt in the yard I've been hunting off and on when we have warm weather: 1942 and 45 Mercury dimes and 1942 Washington quarter. Thanks Minelab Profind 25 for having a light so I could see the quarter in the hole in the dark! This makes a total of 5 silver coins from this construction area and 4 from the same yard! I was telling myself ,"I'll dig one more good signal and then head home." Within a couple of minutes of thinking that, I dug the 42 Washington. It was almost pitch black. I just keep finding coins in this yard!(Ok one coin was in a yard right next to this one, but still, it just keeps giving) Between my friend and I we have pulled about 80 coins from this yard. The majority being newer, but so far the keepers are:Walking half dollar, Barber quarter, Washington quarter, 2 Mercury dimes, 3 Indian heads, 6 wheat cents (my friend has only found one Wheat cent with his Fisher F2, I keep hoping he will find something better.) Must say I love the Etrac and the Minelab Profind pinpointer as well! File29.jpg

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Love that silver ! Congrats

Excellent finds keep up the good work.................HH

Nice finds, 3 silvers in a day, can't go wrong there.

That's what I thought. I think that is probably the most silver coins I have ever found in one hunt.
Nice finds, 3 silvers in a day, can't go wrong there.

Congrats on the silver!

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Oh yeah brother! :)

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