A Few Unusual Things Found In The Ground


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Apr 18, 2014
Eastern Shore of MD
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Garrett Ace 250
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These are a few unusual finds i've made with my Garrett Ace 250. Anything you all can tell me about them, I'd most appreciate.

A large iron ring that is a whopping 3" in diameter.

A small copper ring? or something that's a hair underneath an inch in diameter.

A small metal ball that weighs 1/10 of an ounce and about 1/2" in diameter.

Some flattened copper tube 2" long, over 1" wide, and with two shallow but noticeable "bands" that are about 1/4" away from each edge, and seem to be incised into the entire circumference of the metal.

Happy hunting, Kyle

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Aug 1, 2014
Bavaria, Germany
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Whites V3i, Xp deus, Equinox 600
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All Treasure Hunting
I find alot of those large rings. I believe they are from horse harnesses.
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Apr 18, 2013
Indian River Co., Fl
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AT MAX & Carrot, Nokta Pulse Dice (:
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All Treasure Hunting
The 2" copper tube is probably a discard from a plumbing job (3/4" round copper pipe?). The rings on the end may have been left from the cutter which has wheels on each side of the blade. Sometimes these wheels will leave slightly recessed marks on the tubing.

Is the small metal ball hollow? 1/10 oz seems awful light for something 1/2" in diameter if it is solid metal. If it isn't hollow maybe some type of ball bearing?
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Dec 30, 2018
Las Vegas
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I agree with rebbel, harness three way ring, saddle ring or horse tie up ring.

Not sure about the copper pipe possibly water pipe.

Small ball could be a wagon or tractor axle ball bearing 1/2” is common bearing size or if hollow could be early steelie marble.
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Sep 2, 2011
Denver, Colorado
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Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX, MH7 (oldie!) Minelab Explorer SE Pro, EQ800
Copper ring and flattened copper pipe are just that and probably remnents form a plumbing job long ago.
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