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Darren in NC

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Apr 1, 2004
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Believe it or not, I dug up a lot of these bottles seven years ago...and left them in the woods with the intent of returning the next day. Didn't happen. I had all but forgotten about them. I went back this past spring and found them as I left them - surprise :o I figured hunters or kids would've taken/destroyed them. I then found another nearby dump (a little older) and found some more. Not all are posted, but here's a few. Anyone venture a guess on dates? I'm not a collector, but my guess is early-mid 1900s.

Darren, heres some info I use to date bottles. Glade you went back and gottem before some one used them for target practice

Thanks, Charles. What info are you referring to?

I would say by looking at some of those bottles that the time frame is probably 1940s and 50s.? What is that cool looking one on the left, in-between the milk and the whiskey.

? ? ? ? ? ? Kerry

That one's actually a favorite of mine, Kerry. I looked at Charles links above, but I haven't been able to identify it yet. Hopefully it's mystery will be revealed by someone :)

Well goodluck and I hope you find out. If so let me know. Is there any writing on it at all? I do have Kovels bottle guide. So if you come up with anything let me know and I will look it up to see if it is in there.

? ? ? ? ? ? Kerry

Darren, Look closely at the bottles and see if there are bubbles in the glass, this would date them before 1920. If you don't see any then they are of later manufacture.


Cool bottles!

Love the green bottles!

Keep diggin em!


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