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Oct 15, 2004


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I can't help you with knowing anybody who might could help you but those are amazing finds.

Very nice plummet and a bit different looking boat stone.
This is only my opinion but looking at it it seems that boat stone would make a perfect atlatl weight.
If the shaft was carved to have a protrusion that would fit into that indention it could be placed directly on top of it and strapped to the atlatl.. It would be completely secure and unable to twist around the shaft or slide up and down.

I always felt a boat stone was an atlatl weight. At the same site I found a large quartz crystal plus a fragment of pottery which I believe came from Florida. All in all a very interesting site. Will post photos of the crystal laterphoto.JPG

You mite want to check with Texas A&M Dept. of Native American culture, they can get you started. Great finds:notworthy:

sounds like a start. I will give them a call

I just so happen to look at the Texas beyond history website quite often.
Many of the coastal sites are amazingly similar to coastal Florida sites in material and technology.
The likeness is uncanny with some things to the point I'm pretty sure there was contact going back a very long time.

You mite want to check with Texas A&M Dept. of Native American culture, they can get you started. Great finds:notworthy:

I used to live right beside Texas A&M. Great area and good school. They will help.

Nice finds Gus didn't realize they had plummets in Texas....mjm

I will post the quartz object when I have a minute to take a pic. All in all a very unique site (very small) on a swampy lake.

great finds you can see the wear on it,where it was tied to something i think

These were found on a site in context during an archaeological dig in N.W. Georgia.

Crystals - Sp32-46A - small.JPG

Grooved crystal - 9Br663 LN521 Sp36 - small.JPG


Really interesting- and unusual to see here (on this site, I mean. And I'd be blown away to find something like those items anywhere around here). We don't have pieces like that come down the lane very often. Thanks for the show- and for the interesting comments along the thread. Yakker

some great and not often seen/found artifacts gus. were these materials endemic to the area? Galveston you say? I know lithics trading was going on everywhere and forever back into antiquity. The crystal piece looks like it was used as a hammerstone, albeit lightly.
thanks for showing.


I think your quartz find is a small pestel for grinding, there is just to much wear on one end to be anything else:notworthy:

I think that these quartz crystals were used as hammers and pecking stones also . Here are a few I've found.









I also have one exactly like the one posted above. I can't put my hands on it right now. If it wasn't a pecking stone, how or what caused fractures throughout the crystal? Cool pieces

They came from the Anahuac Area on a very small clam shell midden along a small lake. All artifacts were found eroding out of the bank on the shoreline. I have seen many sites like this (clam shell) and never seen this strange collection of artifacts that were not from anywhere nearby. Trade outpost??

PS I did mange to have someone recognize the pottery fragment and I believe they placed it from Florida. This was when these finds were made (1960's)

I'm from Florida.. and personally the pottery looks like alot of gulf coastal types to me.
Especially Louisiana.
Caddo ancestors possibly.

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