Colonial Ghosts running through the woods, not a Red Coat, but a Red Hat


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Apr 2, 2014
Wake Forest, NC
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Whoever had this hat on, must have seen Colonial Ghosts running through the woods. OR, me just metal detecting. Decided to hunt a new site with 18th-19th century history, and looked down a trail and thought I spied a fire extinguisher? I peeked around a large fallen tree and this quite a contraption appeared, kinda spooked me at first. Good gracious, whomever had this hat on, blasted off. Its called THE THINKING CAP. Usually I pick up trash wherever I detect, but I sure did not want to have a red hat on, metal detecting! So keep in mind you never know what you are going to come across out detecting. :laughing7: I don't think BIG FOOT hid it.??? IMG_20150605_154308111.jpg
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