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Mar 9, 2013
Harrisburg, Nebraska
Detector(s) used
whites DFX300 minelab sovereign xs-2 pro tesoro Eldorado
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
hello my name is chris i am new to this hobby. i have been doing research to the point my brain is fried. i want to get the best detector for my needs but i am getting frustrated on which one. i have been looking at the minelab etrac but i am not to fond of the way the display is set up, I know you are supposed to listen to the sounds first but good visual setup is nice also. i like the multi freq of the minelab but i would like to buy an american made machine, with that said what would be a comparable whites machine if there is one. maybe neither one will work for me. I will have to have a detector that works good in very trashy areas, (i will be hunting old homesteads) the soil here is what i call hardpan or (clay) some sand and gravel also.


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Aug 30, 2008
Detector(s) used
CTX, EQ-600
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Whites V3i, goes really deep, made in USA, multi-frequency, excellent customer service.

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