DIY: Modify Land MD to Water MD


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Feb 28, 2008
New Mexico
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Fisher F2 with 4" & 8" Coil, and F-Point Pinpointer, Whites Eagle II, Bounty Hunter Fortune Hunter, Modified VLF WaterDetector
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So I noticed this comes up around here every once in a while. Also, I posted in another thread about one I saw years ago using a pelican box.
I decided to put my money where my mouth is and make one.
First I took an old BH VLF machine I bought in 2005 and used for many of my first years MD'ing, and took it apart.:sadsmiley: Hope this works.
Then I took a water proof plastic box Similar to a pelican box. About $7 bucks.
I then cut the wires of the MD, drilled holes for coil and headphones, rewired the coil, put headphone plug where speaker was, silicon-ed the holes and made a Velcro holder for the battery's.
Finally I waterproofed the volume control on the headphones and did my best to make the headphones waterproof.
To use the unit you open the box, turn on the MD and Disc if you want, and your off.
I took it to a river today and tested it...totally waterproof.
However, it floats pretty good and will probably need some sort of weight to keep it down, but It works!
Forgot my camera at the river but here it is right before I hose it down

Well done... Looks like you will be having some fun in the water... keep us posted with your finds.

I hope your labor isn't for naught. Hosing it down is not at all like "dunking" it. If it is still without water, holding it under for more than an hour, you've done it! That insidious water will find a way in at pressure. I have never taken a VLF under but have owned 2 submersibles. Just the different "depth" of a wave rolling by affects the zero beat of the machine. I can imagine the change from knee deep to chest deep must need adjusting. All VLFs are submersible to the "box". If I went deeper than knee deep with a VLF, I would just go with buying the PI (submersible) or stay less than knee deep. TTC

sweet work on that. now you can hunt in the rain and dont have to worry about getting splashed at the beach NICE !!:headbang:

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