Early observations XP DEUS II beach hunting


May 12, 2021
South Florida
Detector(s) used
Minelab Equinox 800
White's Surfmaster Dualfield PI
Teknetics T2
Primary Interest:
Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
Recently purchased my XP DEUS II after watching a lot of the great videos from Calabash, Savannah Harps and others. (Great job guys!). I live in South Florida and only hunt the wet sand and shallow water. My very early observations (only 10 hours) of the machine are these....and please CORRECT and OFFER UP ANY ADVICE...as I love to learn and improve my game:
1) Can only hunt water, including wash, in DIVE Mode. Beach and Beach Sensitive way to reactive if water is moving over the coil or pushing against the shaft.
2) Because many of our South Florida beaches do not have a very wide wet sand area to hunt due to the slope...I like to go back and forth between the wet sand and the shallow water. Again, this is nearly impossible in Beach and Beach Sensitive. Dive mode is fine. And constantly changing programs every few seconds is not practical.
3) Beach is great for the wet sand if not going into the water.
4) Beach Sensitive at settings suggested by many posters here and on You Tube is great on the dry sand but not the Wet Sand here in South Florida. Disclaimer: I have not tried turning down the Sensitity and Salt Sensitivity below the consensus of what others have posted. Will try this in future hunts.
5) Did hit a very deep quarter (over 12 inches) in 2 feet of water using Dive mode. Haven't hit one this deep since my Dualfield P.I. days
6) Machine hit very deep on wet sand in Beach mode.
I need a lot more time with the machine and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Still loving my Nox 800 though.

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