Grinding Stone and Hoe


Jun 30, 2014
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I found these two items on our old farm when I was 10 years old, that was over 30 years ago. We lived in northern Heard County in western Georgia. I know the Creeks lived there. Not sure about the Cherokee.

The grinding stone has two pits on one side and one larger pit on the other and are quite weathered. The hoe speaks for itself. I found them in a small spring.

Any idea as to value? Are they collectible?



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The grinding stone "matate" is nice ..I have one with the same... Two smaller indents on one side with one larger on other.
The other piece unfortunately is not a hoe.. Likely not an artifact.

Nice metate! The other piece I don't think is a hoe. I do think it's an artifact. Maybe an abrader or some type of file. ??? Not sure. I've found quit a few pieces nearly identical to it. Gator may be correct.

The first one is hard to see but I believe I see a dimple on it. So I would say both show work but the first one would be called a dimple stone or a nutting stone depending on where you live at. 2nd one is called a mortar here.

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