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Oct 30, 2021
Trying to figure out what this is , it’s very heavy I think it’s brass has a door that opens with a latch I’m thinking something from off of a ship it looks very old got it from my father in law many years ago


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Jun 15, 2008
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1st - I noticed this was your very first post - so, Welcome Aboard Elwoodbdr! You didn't list your state (or country) in your profile. So, you might consider jumping over to Sub-Forum: Select Your Area.... for information (i.e., clubs, hunts, finds, legends, maps, etc.) directly related to your state (or country). You might also consider adding your state (or country) to your displayed profile (SETTINGS -> EDIT PROFILE) - members may have more success helping you (your location may help, etc.)...

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Apr 18, 2013
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I would think it is a very old rock tumbler. Just my thoughts. not a definite I.D. Being that it is brass would make me think whatever was being tumbled they didn't want a possibility of a spark and having just said that maybe it had something to do with transporting nitro so instead of a tumbler it was a type of gyro tranportation unit. just throwing out ideas so people have other avenues to research. I probably just went on a watch list trying to research that. LOL
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Feb 27, 2020
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My next door neighbor insists its the first prototype of the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. He claims he recognizes it from a documentary he saw two months ago on the History Channel on the Roomba. The original was apparently designed by Dr. John Bull M.D. to pick up coal embers in 19th Century factories to prevent the buildings from burning down. Dr. Bull was known as a curious physician/tinkerer from John Hopkins University who is credited for several unique patents of products completely unrelated to medicine. The actual designer of the present Roomba was an engineer of some sorts who was looking through old patent books at the historic book section of a university library and disturbed the researchers laughing, it is said, when he saw plans of this device. He apparently then had an ah-ha moment after he fell laughing to the floor, which was filthy for a university library, and was inspired to build the Roomba.

I dunno bout my neighbor. He tells a lot of stories and he was drinking a Drake's Denogginizer which is a Double IPA with a 9.75% alcohol content. (Excellent by the way.)
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