How To Make A Henderson Manual Gold Dredge Pump


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Mar 24, 2015
England, UK
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Here's a quick video showing how I've made my standard 2 1/2" manual gold dredge, also known as a Henderson pump. In the video you can also see a larger 4" pump which I cover in a separate video. These are great pieces of equipment and anyone new to prospecting should consider making one of these are they are really cheap to make and save a lot of time digging with a spade as these are generally used in area's where powered recovery is not allowed (Certain US states, UK, Europe etc). Let me know what you think:

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Thanks for sharing the UK version of a hand pump, looks great!

I like the tennis ball seal, that looks really good :) I would make it longer so that you can get a full arms length pull on it myself but that's just me :evil6: It looks just like mine mostly except that I used ABS which is lighter than PVC.

haha yeah I've actually made another larger sucker as well which can be seen in the background of the video but yes, the tennis ball is a superb fit inside a 2 1/2" pipe, once compressed with a washer there are no breaks in the seal at all... The larger one is 1.5m long (5ft) but is made from a 4" tube so the amount of gravels that sucks up per draw is stupid, fills a bucket with a couple of pumps but it's a lot harder work to draw on. I'll be putting a video of the larger one on later as it's a different seal in that.

just 1 more day of work to get through, then I'm off for my first prospecting trip of the year, might need some luck though, apparently there's 3" of snow and 60+mph winds, should make it fun to say the least

Just uploading a video of the 4" now, will put a link on as soon as its processed

Here's a link and I'll also make a separate thread for it too


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