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Apr 15, 2022
Anybody got any ideas


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Apr 17, 2009
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When posting in "What Is It?", please give members the information they need to help identify your find:

1. Post sharp closeup photos of both the front and the back.

2. State the actual size of the item. Also, if possible, put something with it in the photo for scale: a common U.S. coin, a ruler, etc.

3. If there are any inscriptions which cannot be easily read in the photos, type them in full in your post.

4. If there are maker's marks, numbers, symbols, or other marks on the back which are not easily seen in the photo, post a closeup or a drawing of them.

5. Indicate the composition of the item. For example: "thin brass, filled with lead on the back."

• Do not deliberately withhold any information just to "have fun" seeing if members can guess correctly.

• Once your item has been identified, don't forget to mark it "Solved."

• Finally, if someone identifies your item or provides other helpful information, take time to post your appreciation— and maybe send a PM to say, "Thanks!" too.
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