I found this on the FB page for the Florida division of historical resources.


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Feb 27, 2004
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Good news for all! So who will take his place?Will salvors finally get some shipwreck permits?

We would like to congratulate Dr. Roger C. Smith on his retirement today and thank him for his many years of service to the State of Florida!
Roger has worked as the State Underwater Archaeologist of Florida since 1987. Prior to graduating from Texas A&M University with his Ph.D. in nautical archaeology, Roger researched shipwrecks throughout the Bahamas and Cayman Islands. In his time at DHR he has led the Underwater Archaeology Team, which is responsible for identifying and interpreting Florida’s submerged cultural resources through surveys and excavations. He has also played a large part in promoting our maritime heritage to the public through his contributions in establishing 12 shipwreck preserves and three shipwreck trails around the state of Florida. We wish Roger well in his future endeavors and explorations! rogersmith.jpg


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Jun 3, 2007
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I'd have to guess one of these people will be his replacement:

From the Florida Division of Historical Resources website:
or is that Florida Diversion of Hysterical Resources?

Underwater Archaeology ProgramPhone: 850.245.6334, Fax: 850.245.6452
Ryan Duggins, Ph.D.Archaeologist IIIryan.duggins@dos.myflorida.com
Franklin H. PriceArchaeologist IIIfranklin.price@dos.myflorida.com
Benjamin WellsSenior Archaeologistbenjamin.wells@dos.myflorida.com
Emily WhelanArchaeology Assistantemily.whelan@dos.myflorida.com
Research and Conservation Laboratory
State Archaeological Collections: 850.245.6381
Dan Seinfeld, Ph.D. Archaeology Collections and Conservation Supervisor daniel.seinfeld@dos.myflorida.com
Charles Harper, Ph.D.Archaeologistcharles.harper@dos.myflorida.com
Alexa PennavariaConservation Technicianalexa.pennavaria@dos.myflorida.com
Marie PrenticeSenior Archaeologistmarie.prentice@dos.myflorida.com
Catherine SincichLaboratory Technician IVcatherine.sincich@dos.myflorida.com
Jessica StikaHistoric Conservatorjessica.stika@dos.myflorida.com
Jeremy VauseArchaeological Field Assistantjeremy.vause@dos.myflorida.com

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