Lake Combie mercury removal project crosses another hurdle


Nov 14, 2017
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All Treasure Hunting

At the water board meeting last night the "evidence" was pictured in a glass jar. 2 1/2 grams of mercury removed for $2.35 million yes MILLION . I did not find that particular info but shown on a huge screen at a official water board meeting workshop so take it for what it's worth. Environutz removing mercury :tongue3: ban the dredge so Sierra Fund can make millions dredging none existant mercury contaminent in reservoirs SIC SIC SIC INSANE (*&^%$#@---John PS. Latest scam with Fleck/Alpers boyz is the whole delta is FULL of killer mercury so they want to flood the delta with flocculants and collect all that nasty natural mercury even though NONE in wildlife chain but they know it's there god billions to kill the delta. Oh well won't matter as once Jerrys tunnels are dug to steal all the water the ocean will ingress, salinate and kill it all YAHOO. What a cluster *&^%

In NZ we use a magnetic setup ,two north pole magnets facing each other then stuck to a GALVANIZED WASHER,look at the 24v infinity dredge forum for set-up.
Instead of FLOCCULANT to clump particles ,which in a fact all that is ,is making water more ALKALINE to compress then dump solids on the bottom,
With the magnetic setup above when dirty south pole recirculating water passes though this setup pure clean water exits,put two south pole magnets together with washer in between,,you will see filthy water going in ,filthy water going out,clean water going in dirty going out.
Just up size the configuration north facing each other ,big magnets over a covert and save yourself thousands$$$$

John i love your project ,but you have given all info to the greedy $$$$$$ who know people,in the right places.
Never give away your secrets
Be careful.


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Apr 23, 2014
SW Oregon
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I just reread this thread and just noticed that they ALL have white hard hats...where I come from only the bosses have white....who's in charge?????? I also like the ear protection, those wheels are super noisy!!! Paychecks make for some of the most stupid followers. Just blowin' smoke tonight and a bit of shine.


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Apr 4, 2013
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All Treasure Hunting
Using a dredge to pump the lake combie sediment then separating out the mercury with a knelson concentrator, real-time?

Legal to Dredge in California, if you have enviro-mental credentials...

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Aug 26, 2011
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After they cross one "barrier", they have hundreds more that can be "created" in this never ending circus. Save your time, energy and money... go sweep the forest floor instead.

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