Major Issue w/Silver uMax.....Please Help!!


Jul 6, 2015
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I bought my Silver uMax several years ago. I only use it 10-12 times/year. When not in use, it is stored in it's own container in my "man cave" (i.e. it has been well cared for, even though it hasn't been used as often as I'd like to). Today, when I took it out to use it, I turned it on and heard a constant tone (please excuse my poor description). It doesn't matter what setting I put it on, all I get is a constant tone. I thought it may be the battery so I changed it. That did nothing. When I do the battery check, I get 4 or 5 beeps then right back to the constant tone. I've searched the web for hours and can't find what might be causing this issue. Can anyone help me please?


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Mar 7, 2013
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Sounds like you need to call Rusty at Tesoro. I just bought a Silver in Feb 2015 and noticed a few weeks later the battery check wouldn't work. I switched it back and forth several times and it just all of a sudden started working.


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Jul 5, 2011
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Unscrew and disconnect the search coil cable connector and connect it back again. Make sure that you tighten it securely using just your fingers. Tesoro detectors will make a constant tone if a search coil is not connected to the control housing, if there's a short in the search coil cable or if there's a bad coil. If you have another search coil try it to see if it works.

Good Luck!

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