My First Finds. Please help Identify


Jun 10, 2014
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Those are rocks. Welcome to the site
Any water close by like creeks?

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Welcome to the site Giangiul. Unfortunately , what you have there are natural stones. I don't see any evidence that they were ever altered by man.

Thank you. What should I be looking for? I was sure the smallest one looked carved. Thank you again for your help.

Thank you. What should I be looking for? I was sure the smallest one looked carved. Thank you again for your help.

You wont find NA artifacts that are carved stone types unless it is ground or flaked. There are many mother nature type of rocks that look like artifacts that arent. All stone type of artifacts have been flaked not carved that I have seen or found. Once you find a true artifact you will be able to tell the difference.

Not really. I believe there used to be. I've found large rocks that look water carved. It's all wooded. We have an old railroad where they used to float logs to the larger lake over 100 years ago.

I do live in southeast mi and we have a small creek that runs through the property. Do you think it's possible to find any down here? I've never really looked for artifacts, only found fossils.

I know nothing about Michigan culture Giangiul except that copper from there was traded everywhere. Research time. Your state probably has an archaeological or anthropological society and they should have web sites. Study those. Things I have learned from when I grew up in Oklahoma is once a good camp site, always a good camp site. Another thing I noticed is modern day farmers tend to use the same areas for planting the Plains Village Farmer culture used a thousand years ago. With a little research on your area's historical and pre-historical background, checking out pics of artifacts found in your state, you should be off to a good start. (And it is cool when you find your first arrowhead.)

Just as the fields RGGIN mentioned, railroad tracks were laid along well beaten trade routs. I've had great success hunting railroad tracks. Obviously, the tracks have tons of quarried rock lining them. It is tough hunting the tracks and one must hunt at least a few yards off of the tracks. Railroad rocks will often look like flaked artifacts as they age. It's important for one hunting along the tracks only keep obvious artifacts. I've found nice points on the railway. My uncle has found a nice grooved axe on the tracks. With a little research, you should find hot spots.

We have old tracks. Next time I am up there I will take a look. Just to be clear, do you mean to search in the valleys beside the tracks or on the land parallel to the tracks?

Are there any plowed fields near where you are looking? That is where you need to be concentrating your efforts if there is.

OK. Thank you. I'll keep looking!

welcome to the tnet and good luck to you!

if you look at all the images that get posted here you will have some of the different shapes memorized which will help you on your hunting

another thing is to pay attention to the broke pieces.......these will help out when you find an artifact that is partially covered up

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