indian artifact

  1. This is Nanda.. from India. South part of country..

    Hey people.. Anyone knows south indian treasures. Kings storages of gold and other artifact's etc..
  2. Find of a Lifetime: Kansas Family Discovers Incredible Indian Artifact

    By CHRIS BENNETT June 21, 2023 Clinging to the face of a sheer, 14’ river embankment, Gauge Oehm, 11 years young, carefully clawed the soil around an outrageous Native American treasure sticking just inches out of the dirt wall, untouched by human hands for millennia. The deeper he dug—4”, 5”...
  3. unidentified interested in knowing more please found on central coast ca

  4. My first Bison antiquus skull! old lock and a few scrapers!

    Bison antiquus skull believed to be extinct around 13,000 years ago. An old lock and a few hyde scrapers and a hafted Hyde scrapers. I found these in 2021
  5. 3 of my favorite point finds!Uvalde/Zephyr/Clovis

    Uvalde, zephyr, and unfluted and discarded Clovis culture point. Big stack on one side but still amazing. The black zephyr point is a 4 inch 1st or second stage point. My favorite finds here in Central Texas 2021&2022
  6. Opinions needed

    Found in California, central valley. I'm not the original finder. Just thought it could be native American stone artifact of some kind.
  7. Pottery shard??

    Found this in NW Florida, not far from where I recently picked up an arrowhead. Just wondering if you guys think it could be a pottery shard? Looks like it might even be burnt on one end. Thanks in advance!
  8. Is it just a rock or a stone tool?

    Found this buried on my property in Sacramento Mountains. Picture on my jeans is after rubbing dirt off, other after I get washed it. Appreciate opinions. The hole is what really got me curious. Thx
  9. What is this?

    I found this while weeding my garden in East Tennessee. Is it a fossil or an Indian tool of some kind?
  10. Indian Artifact or HEAVY DOOR STOP???

    My grandson found this unique item near a Kentucky creek and we are trying to determine authenticity. The notches at the end seem fairly defined. After reading some other articles I'd say we've ruled out a stone moccasins last. Do you think this could have been a tool? Any ideas guys? Thanks...
  11. Indian artifact?

    Found this near Louisville,Ky and still unsure what it is. Thoughts?
  12. Please help me identify this Native American stone

    Anyone know what this is? I found this by the Rio Grande River on the American side by Harlingen, Texas.
  13. Arrowhead found anyone know age?

    Found arrowhead in king George va. I’d like to know how old...
  14. Day maker and heart breaker points today

    A broken Fredrick point and a nice Samantha dart point that I found near Bill Wyoming
  15. Nice end scraper

    I found this amazing end scraper in Toltec, WY its my nicest and oldest scraper.
  16. Scraper?

  17. Please seeking information on this piece of history. Can't find anything like it!

    Hi I am new to this site but I am looking for any type of information on this piece that I found while walking on our hunting lease. I have showed it to several people no one can relatively give me any type of information or seen one like this I had someone offer me wanting to buy it but I'm not...
  18. bannerstone / 1797 1/2 cent

    This surface find was out of my league as a detectorist and beachcomber. When i saw this sitting in the surf on the sand and approached it I was shocked to realize I knew what it was right away. This comes from someone who has never been able to find a complete point of any sort in my 65 yrs of...
  19. half moon stone blade/ possible carvings.

    was looking through old rocks i had tossed into a the garden since the weather was so nice today and came across this super sharp half moon shaped edge blade with a bunch of points and pieces. It looks like there may be some carvings or markings i'm unfamiliar with. Any help identifying is...
  20. Quartz with Pink Vein

    Found this little beauty many years ago while 4 wheeling a ridge here in North Georgia where erosion exposed much of the hillside. Any terminology on the style of this point would be much appreciated!!