silver ingut with penny melted into it with date 1905


Jun 14, 2007
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I have a question if someone could help me please. I was on a trip detecting and found Civil War Rifleman's button. A saw piece that has says Warranted Superior and (and this is where the question comes in) An ingot that seems to be silver but it has the imprint of a 1905 penny. I have no idea why someone would do that and I wondered if anyone knows if that's the norm for a certain period of time. I would post pictures but I am I posting for my husband and I can't figure out how to get pictures uploaded to this site. I will get the piece tested tomorrow but for now I just wondered if anyone had information. Thanks.

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interesting. pics will help for sure. maybe someone was trying to make a counterfeit mold?

when I try to load the pictures it says I'm not authorized to load them. Any ideas. And....I do know how to spell ingot. IMG_2140.JPG

looks like lead to me. as far as the penny, I'd say it was probably laid over the penny and hit with a mallet or something to leave the imprint instead of being melted. my guess is this is part of an ingot of plumbers lead. years ago, plumbers used melted lead to seal pipe joints. I've found lots of it.

too hard for lead, that's the problem but the scratch shows silver...bright, bright silver not dull silver or grey. He melts lead for bullets and nothing even seems similar. But I guess just having it tested is the best thing. I was more interested in the why of the penny imprint. It has imprints on all 4 sides but you can't see the others.

I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks so much for the information. It helped a lot. It's nice to know you find that kind of stuff all of the time. :) I appreciate it.


whatever it is, it's cool. the penny imprint makes it that much better. post a follow up if you figure out what it's made of. :icon_thumleft:

I took it to the jeweler's and had it tested. The test came back coin silver. So I will be traveling back to the spot I found it in to keep on searching.

What a unique find! How heavy is it?

I hope you find more.

If it was really pure silver you could still hit it with a hammer and the penny on the end would make an impression. When it was molded, the person might have just had a penny in the end of the mold. Instead of melting the coin when the silver went in, it was popped off the end and just left a really high relief impression.

When experimenting with making wire and spanish money chain stock, I would sometimes place a quarter over the end of my mold to stop the silver from coming out the end. The end of the silver wire sprue would sometimes pick up the impression when it transfered its heat across the coin and solidified against it.

definately need some pics......thankx

It weighs a little over a pound

That's a very cool find indeed, glad to hear it came back as coin silver, maybe that's the reason they had the imprint of the coin ???

Pound of coin silver! Nice Find :occasion14:

maybe stolen plate or flatware melted down & ingotized to prevent ID,
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as to the impression, don't know.
found a lead piece with 1868 shield nickel impression, very clear too,
you know how small the date on those coins are

Magnets do not stick to it.

cool finds ,,,,,weres is pa are ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happy indep day ,,,, happy huntinn

I am in western PA north of Pittsburgh

Looks like 1902.

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